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Australia Australia - the only country of the world occupying the territory of the whole continent of the same name. At the majority of people Australia associates only with Opera-House or red Uluru. But these hackneyed images give a small idea of natural treasures of Australia and its cultural diversity. Australia offers impressions for every taste, beginning from uninhabited open spaces, the Barrier reef and its islands, and finishing cosmopolitan Sydney and the beaches best in the world. Immense open spaces of the country, hybrid of ancient culture of local natives and culture of the new world is that does Australia such unusually attractive and creates its character. Australia - the continent in the Southern hemisphere, and also the independent state, which official name – the Australian Union. The structure of this state, except the continent, includes the lakes of Tasmania and other islands. The continent is washed by waters of the Pacific Ocean in the east, the Indian Ocean – in the West and the South. Australia - the smallest of Earth continents, is allocated with an exclusive originality of the nature. It is the continent of relicts, ancient natural objects and unique fauna. In a relief of the country the surfaces which haven't changed since the tertiary period that is connected with features of formation of a relief inherent only in these continent remained - since separation from the supercontinent Pan-gays the Australian plate drifted to the south practically without being affected by any tectonic cataclysms. The nature of the ancient supercontinent Australia — also remained almost invariable in the conditions of long isolation from other continents and lack of the competition from outside "new" species of plants and animals since Australia is separated from other continents by enormous oceanic spaces. Australia long time considered as one of the most urbanized countries of the world. Now the typical Australian lives in suburbs of five large cities – Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth. Over 9,7 ml. the person, i.e. more than 60% of the population of the country, lives in these five capital districts, and taking into account not settlement of quickly developing "Gold Coast" of Queensland to the South from Brisbane this indicator increases to 65%.


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