Australia Traditional cuisine

Australia Australian cuisine - one of the most diverse and "colorful" world's cuisines. Based on the Anglo-Irish tradition, it has absorbed a huge amount of culinary techniques of Asian cuisine, especially Japanese, Chinese and Malay.

Meat products play a key role - along with the traditional Australian steak with blood, as well as lamb and pork are all sorts of ways of cooking are widely used rabbit, kangaroo, ostrich emu, crocodile, possum or local delicacies from the beetles and larvae "uitchetti.

Popular meat pie puff pastry - pie, marinated fillet of beef with curry, spinach and a thick sauce bitrut "great steak" sprinkles, kangaroos in the sauce "kvandong" (dessert peach "), dishes from the series" Bush Tucker (on coal), chickens "Melbourne" sauce, kangaroo meat steak with mushrooms, and salad rolled tubes of thin slices of ham and Asian "sate. Smoked ribs are popular, along with bacon or pizza, Chinese fried rice with chicken is in addition to acute soup "Tom Yam", and the Mediterranean "dolma" found at least Russian ravioli. As a snack popular "roll-sandwich" - a twisted roll sandwiches with all kinds of fillings, as well as "vegemit" - a thick dark mass of vegetables and dough, spread on bread.

Fish, oysters, mussels, scallops, octopus, crabs, shrimp and other seafood variety are also an integral part of the Australian table. Methods for their preparation of countless, but more and more popular in this sector are becoming Asian recipes, when the product is consumed almost raw, or vice versa - is treated to a full recognition, but is necessarily accompanied by excellent sauce or rice.

Australian national dish is a barracuda (particularly caught near Cleveland), and baked in coals and herbs, trout, salmon from Tasmania and fish "barramandi. To fish or meat usually served "chutney" - spicy seasoning of apples with the addition of ginger, cloves, and wine vinegar.

Excellent local vegetables are used to prepare all kinds of salads. And really by the number of fruits and berries on the table is clearly the country is among the world leaders - blackberries, kiwi, mangoes, papayas, lychees, avocados, citrus and other tropical fruits are not only consumed as a stand-alone dessert, but also includes as its component parts to many dishes . About 20% of astraliyskih plants are edible.

Widely used by exotic local fruits and vegetables - "riberriz, Australian acacia seeds, nuts," Banias ", the leaves of pepper, plum, cockatoos and more.

National desserts are considered "Pavlova - meringue with kiwi fruit and fresh cream, covered with chocolate and sprinkled with coconut biscuit crumbs" lamington, Arnott biscuits, as well as "antsaks - biscuits from oat flakes with coconut.

Australian wine is not inferior in quality to the best European varieties. Such varieties as "Semillon from the Hunter Valley," Muscat "and" Tokay "from the north-east of Victoria, or" Ennis Lane "from Clare Valley, widely popular in the world. Of the red wines are good "Kangaroo Ridge, Shiraz, Merlot," Dark Horse "," Lindemans "," Valentine "and" Cabernet ". Popular white "Chardonnay", "Ryan Riesling", "Lindemans", "White Shark", "White Shiraz", "Riesling Traminer", "Semillon Chardonnay" and "Miranda." Beer is also excellent and even comes in many countries. The best known varieties of "Bougz", "Victoria Bitter", "Carlton Kould", "Keskeyd", "Coopers", "Redbek", "Swan," "Powers", "Tuiz", "Foster", "Foreks" and others . In many areas, producing local beers, in no way inferior to brand.

In many restaurants the system BYO (Bring Your Own - "brings with it"), which permits to carry their drinks, if that institution ordered dinner or lunch. This is usually reports BYO large inscription on the door or window of the restaurant.

There are restrictions on the sale of alcohol - only from Monday to Saturday from 17:00 until midnight (the actual time varies in different states), and only to persons over 18 years. Smoking is prohibited in public places, government buildings, public transport and domestic flights.


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