Austria Customs

Austria There are no restrictions on the import or export of foreign and local currency (export more than 3,5 thousand euro declared). In addition to personal items, you can import goods and souvenirs in an amount not to exceed 180 euros per person (if the goods are imported through a border with Hungary, Slovenia, Slovakia and the Czech Republic - 70 euros per person). Duty-free import wine - up to 2 liters, spirits - up to 1 liter, cigarettes - up to 200 pcs. (or a cigar - to 50 pcs. or tobacco - up to 250 g), spirits - up to 50 g, toilet water - up to 0,25 l and gifts totaling no more than 70 euros per person.

No special permission is forbidden to import and export of objects and items of historical and artistic value, drugs, weapons, gold bullion, as well as some medications.


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