Austria Traditional cuisine

Austria Austrian cuisine is very traditional and vary substantially in different territories of the country. In the national cuisine heavily Italian and German influence, very much in common with a kitchen and Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovenia, and even Turkey. This is the world's only national cuisine, named after the capital, and not the country that is "Vienna" and not "Austrian".

Austrian main meat dish - the famous Viennese schnitzel. It is fried in breadcrumbs large piece of soft veal, certainly closing edge of dish, served with vegetable salad. Another symbol of Viennese cuisine - fried chicken "bakhun, as well as Kaiser's omelet (or rather, airy cake whipped eggs) Kaiserschmarrn, boiled beef with apple horseradish" tafelshpits, trout fillet, noodles with cheese kasnokken and cheese soup , carp in Serbian, dried ham, an analog of the Italian "pasta" - "nokerl and delicate goose liver. Set of dishes prepared from sauerkraut, such as dumplings and sauerkraut "krotspattsn" roast "hoarneystnidey" and a lot of side dishes. In Austria and bake delicious bread, which, unlike other European countries, is necessarily present at the table.

And really the number of desserts Viennese cuisine is unrivaled in the world. In addition to the traditional apple pie apfelshtrudel "world-famous chocolate" zahertorten, rum cake "gugelhupf, sweet souffle" Salzburger nokkerln "baked in an egg white bread with jam and sugar," Ritter Armagh, apricot dumplings "marilenknedl, Vienna pancakes, cakes and pastries.

Tyrolean cuisine is a great variety of meals and satiety, the most popular soup with bacon, gratin of potatoes, flour, meat and bacon "grestl, broth with liver balls" liberknedl, a variety of fresh salads and grilled meat, in the first place -- famous Viennese schnitzel, as well as many Italian dishes. Styria abundance of different dishes from stew with various spices and roots, but also an indispensable presence at the table of local wine. In Carinthia and Salzburg, a large number of dishes of Slavic origin - dumplings with cottage cheese, dumplings, noodles with ham shinkenflekern "pancakes" Straub "pancakes" palachinken "with sweet fillings, fried trout and lots of flour dishes.

In Austria, produce many kinds of good beer and wine. Sami Austrians prefer to use a light wine, vintner, "also produced such remarkable varieties like Riesling, Gruner Veltlinner" and "Muller Thurgau" from the Wachau valley, red wine "Shilher or white wine Muskateller and Morrilan" from Western Styria as well as dry wines from the Burgenland.

Special mention deserve the Viennese cafes, which are the birthplace of European culture of coffee consumption and the present "business card" of the country where the offer is usually at least 30-50 varieties of coffee - coffee with cream "blend" coffee with cream "Brauner", "cappuccino", cold black coffee with rum or brandy, strong espresso Kurze or weaker "ferlengerter" double "mocha" with lots of whipped cream "aynshpenner" and countless other types of coffee.


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