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Austria For owners of travel plastic cards is a flexible system of discounts. The night buses (from 00.30 to 04.00), travel costs about $ 2, travel does not apply. Fine for ticketless travel - $ 40 plus the cost of travel.

Tickets for coaches are a bit cheaper than rail.

Hitchhiking is very light, but on freeways to vote is prohibited. Better do it before entering the track, and always with a tablet.

If you want to get from one city to another in a passing car, it is better not to vote on the highway, and go to a specialized agency "Mitfahrzentrale". For a small fee, it will find the car.

Roads and driving rules
Right-hand movement. For travel on freeways and highways will be taxed (even in cities), confirming his payment receipts are valid for a week, month or year. In winter, some roads and passes in the Tyrol closed due to avalanche danger. In some regions of the binding chains. Parking fee from Monday to Friday from 9.00 to 19.00, on Saturday paid parking in the city center (also from 9.00 to 13.00). Maximum parking time in the city center - 90 minutes in the underground garages - not limited.

Domestic air travel in Austria are small and are mainly a means of delivery of passengers of regional centers for international flights departing from Vienna airport.

Domestic flights are served by a subsidiary of the Austrian national carrier Austrian - Tyrolean Airways. Typically, this small regional aircraft. From Innsbruck to Vienna run six flights a day from Klagenfurt - five from Salzburg - four.

Rates for these flights may be relatively small and start from 89 euros round trip without charges (from Innsbruck - from 139 euros).

Buses in Austria played a supporting role in relation to the trains. Long routes not only suburban. The main function of the buses (they are in Austria called "mail") - the delivery of passengers to the railway stations. Tariff average trip - a few euros, but if your trip combined with a transfer to the train, you should buy a single ticket from start to finish - it would be cheaper than buying separate tickets for the bus and train. Bus timetables are available on the website of the Austrian railways.

Ground transportation and metro
Urban transport in most cities of Austria presented by buses and trams, sometimes trolley. Vienna public transport consists of buses, trams, subway (U-Bahn) and suburban electric trains (S-Bahn).

Individual tickets for any type of transport costs 1.5 euros (the driver - 2 euros). Daily travel costs of € 5, tickets for three days - 12 euros. Also, three days, but the discount in the museums, while visiting attractions and restaurants operates tourist travel Vienna Card.

A ticket for a full week (Monday-Sunday) costs only 12.5 Euro. Tickets for 8 days (not necessarily consecutive) costs 24 euros. This ticket is also beneficial to tourists traveling for two, three or four - they can use them at the same time, putting out one day for each. All tickets must be validated before the first trip.

Taxis can be ordered by phone (at the stations and big hotels, they are on duty round the clock), "catch" on the street is often meaningless.

The train is the main means of movement in Austria. Hourly flights of the national railway company ÖBB connect all major cities of the country. Austrian trains are among the most reliable and comfortable in Europe.

For rapid long-distance trains are EC (OEC), IC (OIC), D, ICE. Regional trains are referred to as E and R, suburban - S.

Standard rates are sufficiently large. Travel from Vienna to Salzburg (3 hours) will cost 36 euros in the second class and 57 euros in the first. From Salzburg to Innsbruck (2 hours) - 29 euros in the second class and 48 in the first. A move across the country from Vienna to Bregenz (8 hours) is in the afternoon train, 56 euros in the second class and 86 euros in the first.

Fare for all types of trains is the same, extra charge for the class of train speed or not. Buying a ticket there and back does not give any discounts, but if you go a few passengers, each starting with the second, going for half price.

Internal communication is reduced to the night train Vienna to Bregenz. You can also find us in the international night trains - for example, Vienna, Zurich. If you want a sleeping place for him to have to pay the regular ticket price - about 20 euros for the couch, sleeping car more expensive. But if you buy a ticket in advance, it can sometimes be a special offer - from 29 euros per trip, including tickets and reservations.

If you intend to make several trips to Austria, then the best option would be a ticket EvroDomino Austria. This ticket costs EUR 84 for any three days of unlimited travel within a month plus 11 euros for each additional day. Results can buy up to 5 additional days. For youth under 26 years of lower prices - 64 euros for the first three days plus 8 euros for each additional.


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