China Sights

China China - a country of many historic monuments. Under the protection of the state are more than 240 monuments of world importance. 24 cities with rich historical and revolutionary traditions declared reserves. There are 29 cultural and natural sites included in the UNESCO Register of World Heritage Sites. By the number of unique monuments and natural areas that are part of the world's heritage, China ranks third in the world, behind only Spain and Italy. For China's attractions include: the ruins of the capital of ancient kingdom of Goguryeo and dumping of its rulers (north-eastern Jilin province), 3 tombs of emperors of the Ch'ing Dynasty and their ancestors (the north-eastern Liaoning province), as well as the palace complex of the first and second emperors of Qing Dynasty (province Liaoning Province).

Beijing usually visit the Great Wall, Summer Palace, Temple of Heaven and the inherent wonder of China - Beijing opera. Shanghai Jade Buddha Temple is famous and best-known entertainment center Paramount Hall ( «Gate of hundreds of Happiness"). In Nanjing preserved many medieval buildings, including the city wall of Ming Dynasty, temples and pagodas and the mausoleum of the first President of the Republic of China Sun Yat-sen. 80 km north-west of Beijing are Badaling sections, Mutyanyu and Simatay the Great Wall. In the ancient city of Xian is a unique museum of terracotta figures of warriors and horses from the tomb of Emperor Qin Shi Huang, and about Chzhoukoudyan are made to the list of UNESCO world heritage unique archaeological sites - the place found fossils of the earliest forms of man.

In Suzhou, there are more than 100 well-preserved gardens ensembles created by many generations of imperial dynasties. To the south-east of Beijing is the famous Mount Tai - one of the holiest sites of Taoism, Confucius Temple and the architectural and park complex of the residence Yanshengun. City of Pingyao is included in UNESCO World Heritage List and is famous for the ancient city wall (1370), a temple with a wooden pavilion Chzhengosy Vanfosy (X century), temple Shuanlinsy (571 g) and Tsinsyuyguan (657 g) and many monasteries. The main attraction of the town of Lijiang from World Heritage List, UNESCO is multi-colored stone slabs lined street - the area Syfan - one of the centers of silk and tea trade routes of antiquity.

Traveling along the ancient Silk Road starts from the city Chang'an (Xi'an) and passes through Central Asia to the eastern shore of the Mediterranean Sea. Tourists will be able to visit three famous canyons of Xinjiang, on the Yangtze River, on Mount Emei in the Three Gorges Dam and in the public reserve Tszyuchzhaygou. You have to get acquainted with the temple Famensy, where the dust remains of Shakyamuni Buddha, cave temples of Mogao and Binlinsy, caves in the mountains Maytszishan; Gate Jiayuguan - the end point of the Great Wall, lamasery Taersy, rubble mound Gaochang. Along the Silk Road are Tsinhayhu Lake, Lake Tianchi Xinjiang, Bainbuluksky Reserve, Karamay turbine in the desert, the ruins of the settlement Moguychen (city of devils).

Chongqing - one of the ancient cities of China, its history goes back more than 3 thousand years. The city is known for its old, clinging to the slopes of the mountains, neighborhoods, hot springs, the picturesque foothills of the mountains Tszinyunshan and Nanshan, oolong and nearby caves, forest parks Tszinfoshan, Dazu Rock Carvings in rock carvings, colorful waterfalls on the river Ziyang in Wushan Mountain, the magnificent fortress "Dyaoyuychen in Hechuane, a landscape architectural ensemble of the fortress Shibaochzhay County Chzhunsyan, shrine Zhang Fei in Yunyane, a Buddhist monastery in the county Shuanguytan Lyanpin and "stone forest" County Vanshen. In the town itself are interesting Museum Hunyantsun "Memorial of victims of the concentration camps of the KMT, the residence of Chiang Kai-shek, Zhang Chzhichzhuna (Guyyuan") and Kong Xiangxi (Kunyuan "). From the city begin the numerous river cruises on the great Yangtze River, the rapids Fuling and "heavenly ladder" in the county Shizhu.

In Hong Kong, the busiest deep-water port in the world, interested in Victoria Park on the hillside, "the area of floating markets, Aberdeen, Isle of Man Mo Temple (" The Old Man Mo Temple), Central Market, "a paradise for sailors, Wanchai, the building of the Legislative Council, the Anglican Cathedral St. John, the former French Mission Building, Government House, the finest conservation parks, covering an area of about 40% throughout the city, zoological and botanical gardens, the beaches of Repulse Bay, Deep Water Bay and Stanley, as well as ultra-modern buildings of banks and financial organizations.

On the Kowloon Peninsula in Tsim Sha Tsui, the tourist center is located in Hong Kong - thousands of shops and bars, Space Museum, History Museum and the famous Peninsula Hotel, Park City, a walled, with relics of the Qing Dynasty, giant chess boards, garden birds, greenhouses, Bonsai exhibit and other scenic monuments. Lantau Island is famous for its relatively unspoiled nature and by Lin Monastery with its enormous bronze statue of Buddha.

A separate administrative unit of Shanghai - one of the largest commercial cities of the world. In addition to thousands of trade institutions streets Nandzin Donlu, Baizhang Huaihai Zhongli, Zhinlin Donlu, Sichuan Bailey, Jinling Donlu Nyantszin and Silas, as well as areas of gangs and Frenchtaun, there must be inspected visually picturesque street Sizhou Creek, Old Town, with extensive Renmin Square Shanghai Museum, Exhibition Center of Shanghai Museum of Art and History, the Museum of Natural Sciences, garden mandarin S (XVI cent.) garden Purple Autumn Clouds, Jade Buddha temple (Yuyfesy) and Chenhuanmyao, as well as a magnificent 5-storey pagoda Longhua.

Hainan Island (Island of the south of the sea "), often called the" Hawaii of the East "- one of the best spa areas in East Asia. The grandiose landscape parks, and hot springs Guantan and Xinglong in the Valley hot springs, ancient volcano Ma Anh, villages of ethnic minorities Li and Miao, ocean Park Middle Chindia "- Asia's largest aquarium with exotic fish and sea animals, a garden of tropical plants in Xinglong, and also tens of kilometers of beautiful beaches. Best Resort Island - Sanya, known for its fashionableness and relatively high prices.

Tibet - an original edge of thousands of monasteries and ancient culture. At the heart of Tibet is Lhasa, with dozens of Buddhist monasteries and temples, the most famous of which is the temple Yokhan and Patala Palace (XVII century.) - The seat of the Dalai Lama and the Tibetan Norbulingka Park (Norbug-Linkha, summer residential palace of the Dalai Lama, in 1994, is included in the list of World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO). Pilgrims coming here always try to visit the "Peace Center" - Kailash mountain range and the residence of Panchen Lamas in Shigatse, pass the ancient Silk Road through the Karakoram Highway in the north, or simply enjoy the excellent conditions for trekking and magnificent panoramas of ancient Tibet.

For history lovers will be interested in the town of Port Arthur (Dalian, admission is restricted), Harbin, the capital of Old Mongolia - Gohhot, farthest from the ocean city in the world - Urumqi, Luoyang his Sunyue (523 g., the oldest pagoda in the country) and Shaolin monastery nearby, the northern city of Erhan Lake, Lidzhiyan, "two-faced" Enchzhou, Fandom on the sacred mountain Minshan, "ghost town" fandom, a treasure house of Buddhist art in the Mogao Caves, a city-monument and one of the shrines of Buddhism - Dazu Rock Carvings, "the most beautiful place in the Middle Kingdom - around Guilin and Yangshuo, monuments mysterious civilization Shu - Sansinduy or "capital of Chinese gardening art" of Suzhou, as well as dozens and dozens of equally interesting places.


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