China Traditions

China The official holidays in China are: 1 January (New Year), January-February (Spring Festival, New Year according to Chinese lunar calendar, three output), 8 March (International Women's Day), March 12 (Day of the plantation), May 1 (Day International Solidarity of Workers), May 4 (Youth Day in China), June 1 (International Children's Day), August 1 (Day of the People's Liberation Army of China), September 10 (Teacher's Day), October 1 (National Day of Education of China, the two output ).

In different provinces in China are local celebrations. When planning a business trip should pay careful attention to the period of the New Year on the Chinese lunar calendar. Some entrepreneurs do not work during the week before and after the New Year.

Residents of China's inherent respect for knowledge, for learning, books. Chinese greet each other with a handshake. Entrepreneurs must have a business card, the text of which should be in Chinese (preferably gold paint) and English (not red). The Chinese are very thrifty, trying to quickly accumulate capital. China has taken a lot to do informally, "the left".


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