Description Istria, Croatia

Istrian Peninsula is the most popular tourist region of Croatia due to its rich history, many monuments of architecture, the purest sea and wonderful opportunities for recreation. This is the most developed tourist center of Croatia and one of the most famous resorts of the Adriatic Sea. With its green hills, picturesque small towns and landscapes, he recalled the French or Italian province, for which this resort and was called "Istrian Riviera.

Today the most popular with tourists enjoy recreational centers such as Pula, Porec, Rovinj, Umag, Opatija.

In 1919, Istria went to Italy to see the Austro-Hungarian Empire, and in 1947 was ceded to Yugoslavia. Marshal Tito wanted to see and Trieste as part of Yugoslavia, but in 1954 the Anglo-American troops returned to the city in Italy to protect him from the communist influence. Today, a small piece of the coast from Koper Slovenia belongs to the Piranha, and the rest of Croatia.

Because the peninsula of Istria has been the object of possession of different states, as well as its proximity to European countries, now the cultural traditions of this region are a mixture of styles and at the same time preserve the special, peculiar only Istria flavor.

Due to the abundance of pine parks air Istria is healing. Uncommon, when after two weeks of rest completely disappear initial symptoms of asthma and complications from pneumonia.


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