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Cuba Cuba - a paradise for tourists, the beautiful white beaches with crystal blue waters, coral reefs and shoals to fish, wide variety of exotic flora and fauna - all of this, you will find in Cuba. The greatest success ecological tours: hiking, fishing, diving. The nature of Cuba amazing in its beauty. The plains and mountain ranges, rivers and waterfalls, lush tropical vegetation with bright deposits of stunning colors are staggering. Attraction for tourists and rich cultural life of the island. There are numerous music festivals, the Festival Ballet ...

The Republic of Cuba is located in the Caribbean Sea between North and South America and is the gateway to the Gulf of Mexico. Cuba has always attracted foreign tourists not only for its tropical exotic, but a different tone of life of the island. In the Cuban archipelago is the island of Cuba - the largest in the Antilles ridge, Isle de la Juventud (Isle of Youth, formerly the Isle of Pines) and 4195 small islands and islets. With such a long coastal strip, Cuba has 289 natural beaches, bestowed by nature.

The Island of Cuba, Isle of Youth and other 1,600 nearby islands and islets make up the Cuban archipelago, the total area of the archipelago of 110 992 square. km, of which almost 105 000 square. km are on the island of Cuba. The length of the island - 1250 km, the width varies from 32 to 210 km. On the shores of the island there are 290 natural beaches, whose characteristics are completely safe for bathers.

Capital: Havana.


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