Cuba Medical aid

Cuba To travel to Cuba medical insurance is not needed. However, a doctor will be there quite expensive (but note that the Cuban dentists and especially the 'stomatologini' is considered the most skilled dentists in the Western Hemisphere). In case of illness or accident, you risk being left penniless. We recommend to buy insurance. Its value depends on the duration of your stay in Cuba. The Moscow news agency insurance is included in the total tourist package and costs $ 10. You can protect yourself from random trouble: for example, in the event that if you break the museum value. If you have an accident or you get sick, call your insurance company - employees are obliged to explain to you for a refund you can expect and how you behave in this situation.

Is high probability of hepatitis, malaria, and sunburn. It is recommended to use bottled water and use sunscreen. Essential drugs should I take with me.

In Cuba, are found dangerous reptiles - caiman and boa, a lot of trouble can deliver sea urchins, some species of tropical fish and jellyfish, and sand flea, mosquito, and mosquitoes.


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