Cuba Money

Cuba Monetary unit - the Cuban peso equals 100 centavos. Tourists have to pay only U.S. dollars, so it is desirable to have a more minor cuts. Upon delivery you can give the so-called convertible pesos. This type peso equals U.S.: 1:1. This is a new Cuban bill, which has nothing to do with "wooden" the Cuban peso. In order not to be trapped - for convertible pesos must be written "convertible" (convertible). Typically, they give small denominations of 1, 5, 10 pesos. Course old Cuban peso to the dollar is approximately 1:25. Convertible Cuban metal coin goes along with the U.S. cents. Often give change, and those and others. Cuba has made major international cards VISA, MASTER, DINNER's CLUB. Credit cards issued by any bank in the United States, for payment are not accepted.


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