Playa Esmeralda, Cuba

Playa Esmeralda, Cuba Playa Esmeralda - is the most picturesque beach of Cuba. Its name translates as the "Emerald Coast", and this is really so. At Playa Esmeralda - white as powdered sugar, sand, crystal clear water and beautiful marine reefs with their fantastical inhabitants. This is an ideal place for diving, fishing and beach holiday. Here is the highest mountain peak of Cuba, and nature is distinguished by its richness and diversity. At Playa Esmeralda more than a hundred beaches, numerous caves, rivers, mountains, waterfalls and natural springs.

Playa Esmeralda lies 56 km north-east (40 minutes), the Holguin, 1,5 hour flight from Havana and is washed by the Atlantic Ocean.

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