Cuba Traditional cuisine

Cuba Kitchen Cuba is very peculiar and deliver gourmet many pleasant minutes. Cuban culinary traditions are a mélange of Spanish, African and Creole cuisines and rely heavily on pork, poultry, various seafood, black beans and all the seasonings.

One of the best national dishes - "Creole ahiako" - hearty spicy dish with pork and plenty of vegetables. Interesting stewed or fried with various spices and bananas, pork, a dish of chopped pork "tasaho, stewed chicken with rice" arrosion con polo, fried and baked bananas "platanos, minced beef with rice" Piccadilly ", a dish of rice and black beans, Moros and Cristianos, the world-famous Cuban boiled lobster with lemon, turtle meat "tartuga and krokodilyatina, assorted bananas and other ingredients -" fufu "and exotic turtle eggs.

Fruits are served almost any meal. Of the many varieties of local fruit is prepared and a lot of other dishes, including interesting original fruit salads and cocktails, grilled pineapple and bananas in sauce, salads of vegetables in svezherazrublennom coconuts, freshly made fruit juices, etc.

A separate item is the pride of the country - the famous Cuban rum and aguardente. They are present on almost every desk and are widely exported to other countries. The most popular varieties of rum "Havana Club", "Aneyho", "Guayabita del Pinar", and cocktails based on it - "a mojito (rum with ice and mint) and daiquiris." In a country cook and a good beer "Crystal", as well as a variety of potions and even a kind of moonshine made from sugar cane and other beverages. Cuban coffee - very strong and sweet, drink it in huge quantities and at any time of day.


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