Cuba Transport

Cuba Bicycle. The city, many moved on bicycles. You can take a bicycle rental for hotels Capri and Riviera (1 $ per hour) or a local resident for $ 1 a day. Leave a bicycle on the street can not. It is better to do it on velostoyanke 1-2 pesos. With all the problems with the bicycle (flat tire, puncture, unbalanced seat, etc.), please contact the small workshops Pocheria.

Rent a car. Foreigners who were in Cuba, do without a car very difficult. In Cuba, there are several companies offering car rental company. In general, rent a car rather expensive (60 $). Gasoline is no special problems, although filling much rarer than we are accustomed to. Outside of Havana, you can easily find gasoline at 0.5 dollars per liter, but here we must be careful not to have filled donkey urine. In addition, before taking the machine you need to carefully inspect it for defects, which should be disclosed in the contract. If the itinerary includes visits to the roads with poor coverage (travel along the coast, leaving the beach), you should only take a jeep.

Rooms at automobiles in Cuba have different colors, talking about ownership and B: yellow - a private, black - diplomatic, brown - rent-a-car. There are red, blue ... Police in Havana, a lot, but a car with black and brown (tourist) numbers, it does not touch. If you clearly violate the rules in the presence of the police, he had to turn away or lower my eyes - "do not see why not whistle." Besides, am with rooms enjoy certain privileges, such as passage through closed for repair tunnels, part of Havana, parking in the wrong places, etc.


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