Czech Republic Customs

Czech Republic Import and export of foreign currency is unlimited. Amount in excess of 5 thousand dollars, must be declared. When crossing the Czech border, you may be asked to show availability: in itself should have no less than 280 dollars. From the Czech Republic can export any goods without restrictions and export license. But if you export antiques and art, you will need to present a certificate confirming the legality of their acquisition.

Unused Czech currency can be converted at the exit to the original, showing the receipt of the initial exchange.

For businessmen. The Czech Republic as a founding member of the former International Agreement on Tariffs and Trade, the current World Trade Organization, has consistently pursued in its customs system adopted by the agreement, including those that were adopted at the World Trade Organization meeting in Marrakesh. As well as other agreements that derive from its participation in other international agreements on customs cooperation in the implementation of the basic concept - a permanent, lower taxes and expanding imports exempted from customs duties.

Customs of the Czech Republic relies on the provisions of the Customs Act, which amended several times and additions in order to simplify the formalities in order to expedite customs procedures, as well as further convergence of customs measures in force in the European Union. Of these legal measures are based on orders of the Government, by which is published annually an updated tariff.

Customs Act distinguishes between two basic types of fees:

Import duties. The law specifically provides: "If the customs law or international treaty providing otherwise, the person transporting the goods across the border, must declare the goods and submit it together with the documents relating thereto, in the near the border customs office.

Export duty on exported goods subject only if it is clearly shown in the Customs Tariff. Exports of goods in principle, carried out on duty free basis.

In the Czech Republic charged Lavna manner ad valorem duty, ie duty, which is installed in the form of interest to the customs value, as is customary in other economically developed countries.

Released from duty of such goods, whose use has given its final destination is in the public interest.


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