Czech Republic Traditional cuisine

Czech Republic Nobody can be indifferent to Czech cuisine, which includes the unique traditional dishes, which can only try in a wonderful country - the Czech Republic. Czech cuisine has been formed from the local culinary delights and a large number of borrowings from the German and Austrian cuisine. The most typical Czech cuisine dishes are roast pork and dumplings. For the Czech cuisine in general is characterized by heavy, succulent meat dishes with a relatively large amount of fat. For Czech cuisine has occurred, in fact, from a simple peasant food of Bohemia, Moravia and Slovakia. Very popular in the Czech Republic various sausages, shpekachki, sausages, and various dishes from different varieties of cabbage. Occupies a special place goulash, various meat dishes with sauce from the same dumplings, which relies vymakivat sauce. There are many different kinds of dumplings: potato or wheat, or dumplings with bacon dumplings with fruit. Side dishes are also very diverse - potatoes boiled in fried, fries, various types of rice, vegetables. We recommend you to try the famous onion or garlic soup, as well as such interesting dishes antique dishes like venison pate or small pancakes of fresh jam with plum jam.

Apart stands the Czech beer. The phrase "Czech beer" - has become a very real beer brand in Russia, and throughout the world. With some Czech beers we are familiar. However, the true connoisseurs of this drink will say that the Czech beer you can really appreciate just being in the Czech Republic. And certainly one of the countless cozy pubs - like the famous beer shveykovskoy "We Kalikhov" ( "The Bowl"). We especially recommend you try the following beers: Pilsner Urkvell "," Budweiser ", Gambrinus, Staropramen, or strong beer" Velikopopovitski goat.


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