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Dominican Almost all the coast of the Dominican Republic - one continuous beach. And whatever seaside resort you choose a tourist: Playa Bavaro, Playa Dorada or Puerto Plata - you will enjoy fine white sand, crystal clear warm water and preventive maintenance. Dominican Republic - an exotic region with magnificent nature, hundreds of kilometers of white sand beaches protected by coral reefs, clear water lagoons, rivers, lush forests and majestic mountains.

From the natural beauty of the island can not be ignored Lemon Waterfalls: bathed in it, according to locals, you could live comfortably the rest of his days. And the boat ride on the lagoon Gris-Gris, intricate maze of mangroves, lianas and palms in the river delta. Climbers and just lovers of the mountains rise to the peak of Duarte. To the top of the routes are varying degrees of complexity, and everyone can choose their way of forces.

Tearing himself away from lying on the beach is worth visiting the capital - the city of Santo Domingo. Its main attraction - the extraordinary architecture of the city's Cathedral Basilica Higuey, is like a strung bow at each other arches.

In the presence of an intelligent guide to visiting the colonial part of Santo Domingo you can get tremendous pleasure. This area is simply breathes history. The first street in the New World, the first church in the New World, the first route in the New World.

In terms of attractions Dominican Republic prevails over other Caribbean countries. The earliest history of the island is closely intertwined with the life of the great traveler Christopher Columbus, so there is a lot of architectural monuments associated with him and his family.

Very popular means to brighten up the evening with tourists is visiting the tomb of Columbus. Day is a gray concrete building produces a very bleak impression. But at night from the roof into the sky beating powerful multicolored spotlights. And on top of colored luminous column, the height of three hundred meters there is a bright white cross. Eyewitnesses claim that the first time "just frost on the skin tear."

Entertainment in the Dominican Republic are vast. First of all, this is, of course, magnificent sea fishing, which is organized by literally everywhere - and on the north and the south coast of the country.

Nightlife in the Dominican Republic is also available. To see this, just at dusk to go to the embankment of Santo Domingo, which is located in the confluence of the Rio Ozama in the Caribbean Sea. Night here tusuetsya diverse audience, pet chic Dominican coffee, rum, eating mangoes and cashew nuts, listens to merengue and salsa, and dancing. In any village is full of discos, which are not closed until the morning. So with the nightlife in the Dominican Republic's all right.

Beaches with palm trees, turquoise water, cheerful people, excellent cuisine - and most importantly, everything is paid for from the outset. Dominican Republic - a real paradise for holidaymakers.

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Boca Chica is located 30 km from Santo Domingo, and 5 minutes from the international airport. One of the most beautiful beaches of the east coast. Protected coral reef lagoon and white, fine sand. The limpid water, shallow water - a paradise for relaxation and entertainment. Those who are fond of sports, can choose jetski, sailing yacht or snorkel, or to arrange a swim in the lagoons of hot water.

These lagoons formed by coral barrier, which protect the bay from the sea waves, turning it into "the largest natural pool in the world." In a picturesque village with small shops and prestigious marine clubs originate sea excursion routes to the islands of Saona and Catalina.

La Romana - a cozy town that grew up during the rise of the sugar industry. Around the dense park Duarte, lined up numerous wooden bungalows, all different colors. To the east of the city, driving on the highway, runs one of the most beautiful agricultural areas of the island: the valley, planted with sugar cane, lemons and oranges.

Near the town is the resort zone Bayaibe. Sea, sky, sand and palm trees - these components Bayaibe - a picturesque fishing village, composed of small colored wooden houses. If you rent a boat, you can reach the nearby island of Saona and visit East National Park.

Punta Cana is located in the eastern part of the island, where the Atlantic merges with the Caribbean Sea. There is an international airport, and on the coast at your service Luxury hotel. This is a great place for family holidays and for the fans to go alone with nature - there still remain areas of untouched jungle.

Beaches Bavaro, Macao, Arena Goredil, Kortesito, Cabeza de Toro and Punta Cana unusually dazzling: 32 miles of endless pearl-white sand. A forest of coconut palms stretching for miles along the coast with beautiful beaches, certainly the best in the Dominican Republic. A coral reef protects the lagoon from the ocean waves.

Puerto Plata was founded in 1496 by the brother of Christopher Columbus - Bartholomew. He named it San Felipe de Puerto Plata. Another name for these places - "Amber Coast" or, as it is called the Dominicans - "Coast ambergris. It abounds black amber (Amber).

Beautiful beaches, water, numerous shades of iridescent turquoise, lush vegetation and the humid tropical climate, softened by the winds of the Atlantic - all of these advantages have made Amber coast in place of mass tourism. Wooden houses in colonial style, bright colors, multicolored tropical plants give the city an exotic and elegant look. The inhabitants are very hospitable.

Santo Domingo - the capital - is still preserved breath colonial times. Enormous popularity of excursions in the Askar de Colon - the palace of the viceroy and the son of Columbus, who ruled the colony during the incapacity of his father.

Also attract tourists to the convent of the Jesuits Kaye Las Damas, a colonial museum, the Cathedral of Santa Maria - the first cathedral built in the Dominican Republic, Columbus Park, and mysterious caves, entitled "Three Eyes", in which underground lakes are filled with bright blue water. One of the most interesting sights of the city is a marine aquarium. In the evening the city lights are lit, and the night life begins.

Juan Dolio in the south-east of the island, just 25 minutes from the international airport and 45 minutes from the capital, Santo Domingo - the ideal place to combine a vacation on the beautiful beaches and travel to the capital. White sand beaches and perfect blue waters of the lagoon, protected by coral reefs - a perfect place for recreation and sports. The coast is famous for the beauty of local landscapes - fields of sugar cane against the emerald sea. Three enchanting beach located one after the other: a small, secret beach of Playa Caribe, calm and serene Playa Guayakanes; narrow, surrounded by palm trees Playa Juan Dolio.


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