Dominican Transport

Dominican Well developed network of bus routes, buses - air conditioning. The most affordable transportation in the Dominican Republic (Dominican Republic) - a taxi. Collective taxis "kappo pybliko" go on certain routes (very cheap). There is also "moto-koncho (takci-mototsikl) and gyagyac" (public transport).

The cost of rental cars is very high (for persons aged 25 years), you must have an international driving permit, valid for 90 days and a credit card.

In the Dominican Republic (Dominican Republic) has 3 international airports: Santo Domingo (where reside aircraft and / to Air France and a / to Lufthanza), Punta Cana (there reside aircraft and / to Lufthanza) and Puerto Plata (aircraft and / to Lufthanza). From Moscow the aircraft is flying to Paris or Frankfurt (depending on your selected airline), it is transplanted to the Dominican Republic (Dominican Republic).


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