Description Alexandria, Egypt

Alexandria, Egypt Alexandria - the pearl of the Mediterranean Sea, the second largest city and cevernaya capital "of Egypt. Many ancient philosophers and scientists drew their inspiration from the sight of beautiful scenery of Alexandria. This mysterious city founded by Alexander the Great, to date, combines the features of the east and west.

City of Alexandria is located 225 kilometers from Cairo in the Nile Delta and extends for 32 km along the Mediterranean coast.

The city, founded in 332 BC Alexander the Great, the Graeco-Roman period of Egyptian history was the capital of the country and a major trading and cultural center, the focus of the spiritual life of the Hellenic world.

Strabo, Euclid, other scientists and philosophers drew inspiration here for their labors. Cleopatra, last queen of the Ptolemaic dynasty, are bewitched by its beauty Caesar, and later his successor, Mark Antony.


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