Transport Dahab, Egypt

The only form of transport in Dahab - taxi.

Taxis come in two types: a small pickup truck and a jeep with a dug riding. Most cars in Dahab are rather old, but this has its own charm.

Rent a car in Dahab can (you must have an international driver's license model, a credit card or deposit in cash), but not necessary - a small town, and with greater benefit and pleasure you can ride through the city on a bicycle. Moreover, a car rental in Dahab more expensive than in the Sharm el-Sheikh (about $ 65 per night).

Driving in Egypt has its own specificity, generated by the lack of traffic and travel habits of large and empty spaces. Completely ignoring road markings, are rarely used turn signals, rear-and side-reviews, as well as the passing light. But, strangely enough, accidents in Dahab hardly ever happens.

Between Dahab and other cities (Sharm el-Sheikh, Cairo, Taba, Nuweiba) ply comfortable buses. If you are going on a trip, do not forget to take your passport - Egypt and Israel have a special agreement under which citizens of both countries can freely, without visas, travel around Sharm el-Sheikh and Eilat. This is a special agreement applies only to these two resorts and areas.

On the rest of the two states the agreement does not apply. That is why throughout the Sinai Peninsula, there are many roadblocks to the enhanced due diligence documents. Stopped buses and cars and check the availability of visas.


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