Egypt Traditional cuisine

Egypt Classic Egyptian breakfast consists of two main dishes: fulya and felyafiley (or taameya).

Fulani - a cooked beans in a sour sauce with spices and herbs, sometimes with the addition of finely chopped vegetables. Filyafili - a vegetarian cutlets from abraded beans. In addition to this dish is served sauce tehina (abraded sesame seeds and nuts, olive oil, spices), which in the course of the meal to dip the bread-Ashe, a salad of fresh vegetables, salad gebna (cheese such as feta cheese mixed with vegetables). To wash down all this should be cold tea-karkade of petals so-called Sudanese rose, we better known as "Pharaonic tea.

On weekdays lunch Egyptians are not very tight. The most popular lunch dish - Koshar. Title bit frightening, but nothing dreadful in this dish no. This is just cooked beans, kidney beans, lentils and other grains, mixed with fried onions. All this is filled with fiery liquid from the bottle fed immediately. Egyptians as fakirs, accustomed to sharp objects, swallowing his portion. Europeans are doing it cautiously, with tears in his eyes. In Cairo, a sizeable portion folds can pay as little as 1 pound.

If you have time, you can eat more thoroughly, for example, fish taginom (assorted seafood baked in a pot).

To spite all the modern nutritionist, the main emphasis in his diet Egyptians make for dinner. Dinner for them - the longest sitting. First you need to loosen up a variety of hot and cold hors d'oeuvres. Treat gebny (something like fried dumplings with cheese), easy to walk around the vegetable salads and tap beef biltong, try the irresistible force of Europeans braised eggplant with garlic. Now you can go to the main dishes. Be sure to try the roast pigeon stuffed with kasha. Doves are specially bred in a gastronomic purpose. Some Egyptians eat them together with the bones.

Do not die of hunger will allow you to the next hot dish - Kofta kebab, accompanied by a cup of rice. Sweater - a sausage of minced beef, kebab - the same barbecue, but not marinated. In the classic performance of all of this is preparing to open fire.

For dessert is served sugary-sweet, soaked in honey syrup and sprinkled with grated nuts varied pastries, part of which Egyptians are great masters.


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