Finland Medical aid

Finland No compulsory vaccinations required. Medicines can be purchased at pharmacies ( "apteekki"), working virtually round the clock. In case of emergency assistance will be provided free of charge. Extensive network of so-called health centers, ie, general clinics, which is the first medical aid. In the case of treatment to the doctor the patient will be asked to provide medical insurance policy or a written obligation to pay for medical services that are expensive. The cost of receiving a private general practitioner - 25-35 euro per admission for less than 20 minutes, receiving a specialist will cost 40-60 euros, takes about 5-7 euros registry.

In some public clinics and health centers per visit charge 8.10 euros. Hospital care is always paid, but the government paid only the day of hospital stay (applies to permanent residents in Finland), and in particular must pay for medicines and examination and treatment in general.


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