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Finland First of all, Finland is famous for its rivers and lakes, which make it a true "Mecca" of water tourism and fishing in Europe, as well as its carefully guarded by nature, beautiful wildlife and spectacular opportunities for winter sports. During the summer, magnificent shores of the Baltic Sea and thousands of lakes provide a good opportunity to swim all-only a hundred kilometers from the Arctic Circle, and interesting hiking or cycling tours, hunting and rafting will impress any tourist.

Helsinki (founded 1550) is located on the shore of the Gulf of Bothnia, but because, despite its port status, is famous for fresh air and beautiful scenery, coupled with an interesting "northern" architecture. The most famous architectural ensemble of the Finnish capital - a complex of buildings in the Empire style in the Senate Square: Kafederalny Cathedral, the State Council and the University, and in the center of the square - Russia's monument to Alexander II. Close to Senate Square are the Market Square (Kauppatori) - the most vivid and vibrant place in Helsinki, as well as an indoor market, "Kauppahalli", the Presidential Palace, City Hall, Esplanadnaya Park (Espa) and the symbol of the city - a fountain with a bronze sculpture "Havis Amanda "(1908).

On the beach is a park of Sibelius, whose sight is a monument to composer Jan Sibelius, whose name is Academy of Music of Helsinki. Nearby - Olympic Stadium, with a viewing platform on the tower of which (height 72 m) offers a splendid panorama of the capital. To the east of the stadium, next to the House of Culture Helsinki, located park Linnanmäki with many diverse attractions, public entertainment sites, theater, variety show "Peacock" and dozens of shops and restaurants. In 2002, there opened the first in the Nordic marine center Sea Life from 28 large aquariums. Also interested in Urban Gardens, the Palace of "Finland" on bay Teele and Estate Heikki at 48 km. from the capital - once the favorite place of recreation for the Russian imperial family.

In Helsinki, more than 60 churches, of which the best known is the largest Orthodox Church outside of Russia - Assumption Cathedral (1868) of red brick, and also one of the most interesting architectural buildings in Finland - carved into the granite rock of the church Temppelinaukio ( "The Ice Church "or" The Church in the rock ", 1969), which are often held marvelous organ concerts. Under the auspices of the Finnish National Gallery together three excellent museums: the Museum of Fine Arts Sinebryuhovsky with a large collection of Western European paintings, porcelain, silver and furniture, Atheneum Museum (1887) with a collection of Finnish and foreign art XVIII-XX century. and the Museum of Contemporary Art "Kyasma, highlighting works of Finnish artists from the 60-ies. XX century. No less interesting are the National Museum of Finland, entirely devoted to the history of the Finnish nation and its culture, the Museum of Applied Arts and Industrial Design, as well as the name of the Amos Anderson Museum (Finnish art).

The most popular tourist locations in the capital and a favorite vacation spot of inhabitants of Helsinki - a group of islands of Suomenlinna (Sveaborg) with a set of powerful Swedish fortress of Suomenlinna (1748-1772 gg.) And the old base of Baltic Fleet, Russia's empire, made a UNESCO World Heritage List. Now you can visit the 4 museums, see the oldest sailing ship in Finland - "Alma", a lot of beautiful ancient fortifications, exhibits, cafes, restaurants and art center of the Nordic countries.

5 km. from the center of Helsinki is Seurasaari Island, which is an ethnographic open air museum (is a National Park) with many beautiful old Finnish wooden houses brought from various parts of the country. And on the island Korkeasaari is one of the best zoo in Europe, Helsinki, famous for its miniature mini-park, a tropical forest "Amazonia", "cat valley" and recreate the corner of the world bog in Finland - "House of boreal. Also here is a pleasant maritime museum.

In Hämeenlinna (70 km. To the north-west of the capital) is interesting Finland's first museum of prisons in the building of the old jail, as well as the medieval castle (XIII cent.) And the house-museum of Jean Sibelius. Lahti (75 km. To the north-east of the capital) is known as an excellent center of Winter Games with a first-class sports center and ski museum.

The oldest city in Finland and the capital of the country until 1812, the city museums and Norway - Turku, is among the heavily indented coastline in the south-west of the country, opposite the archipelago Ahvenanmaa. Turku Cathedral - the oldest building in the city (1230-1260 gg., Completed in the late XV century). And the spiritual center of the country. On the territory of the cathedral are buried many prominent figures of the country (including the Queen of Sweden, Catherine Monsdotter), and also works as an interesting museum of wooden sculptures, church utensils and tissues. The most popular attraction of Turku - Turku Castle (the end of XIII century.), Which is now a historical museum of the city. Next to it is the Maritime Center Forum-Marinum with excellent collection on the history of seafaring, these ships and many of their models. Interesting museum craftsmen 'Luostarinmyaki, Sibelius Museum with a collection of musical instruments and scores, Pharmaceutical Museum on the waterfront, museums behalf Väinö Aaltonen and Art, have an excellent collection of contemporary Finnish art, sculpture and graphics, museum Abo-Vetus Ars Nova, Old Turku with an extensive collection of archaeological findings and historical exhibits, as well as water park "Katinkulta" with dozens of water rides and the Caribbean - the largest and most popular water park in Turku. Central Finland and the Lake District are the best place for active recreation in Europe. Hundreds of scenic lakes and rivers, dense forests and mild climate attract millions of visitors.

Founded in 1779 in Tampere, the third largest city of Finland, lies on a hilly isthmus between the lakes and Pyhäjärvi Hyasiyarvi, surrounded by nearly two hundred of the smaller lakes. Cathedral of Tampere (1907) is a majestic monument "Finnish romanticism" and reminds a medieval castle. The Orthodox Church of Alexander Nevsky and St. Nicholas in the neo-Byzantine style contrasts vividly with the Church of Kaleva (1966) and the majestic cathedral on Tuomiokirkonkatu (1907), and the original trade centers "Kehryasaari and Koskike skus," - with the largest in Scandinavia concert hall "Palace of Tampere (1990).

The city has more than 20 museums, most of them are very original and interesting - Art museum named Sara Hilden with an extensive collection of contemporary art, Art Museum, Tampere, Finland with a collection of modern art, Museum of pharmacy, the Museum of the box, wonderful museum Mummilaasko (Valley Mumm-trolls ) in the Tampere City Library, the Museum of dolls and costumes "Hatanpyaya-Cartan" in the estate of the same name, the car museum "Mobile", the Museum of Minerals, Museum Quarter Operating Amuri, Hockey Museum, museum Häme, Teysko Museum, Central Museum of Finnish workers, Museum Center "Vapriykki" with dozens of permanent exhibits, as well as three centers of art and photography.

One of the main attractions of the city - theme park Särkänniemi with more than 30 attractions, a planetarium, zoo, public holidays, an aquarium "Eden" and the highest observation tower of the country - "Nyasinneula. From Tampere organized hundreds of water hikes and hiking trails on the outskirts of great cities.

Located in the heart of Lake District Mikkeli, with its sparkling white snow and clear ice, clear lakes and rivers - the perfect place for walking on skis, fishing, snowmobile and dog sledding, sleigh or on Finnish on snowshoes, as well as various other kinds of winter activities and sports. Beautiful light and concerts of classical music are held in the congress hall "Mikaeli", and in Southeast Asia is the largest in the Nordic countries show wooden architecture. In the fishing center Kaihunlanden-Kalaskusteskus "you can go fishing with a wonderful result or pass Nyukyalya formidable rapids on rafts or kayaks.

Lying in the heart of the Saimaa lake system of 330 km. east of Helsinki Savonlinna - the perfect place to relax at any time of year. Interesting medieval fortress Olavinlinna (1475), which holds regular music festivals, regional and art museums, the picturesque wooden Estate Rauhalinna and the Museum of Finnish Forest "Lousteau in Punkaharju.

In Kuopio attract Kallavesi beauty of the lake, mountains Puyo (altitude 150 m) and numerous areas of untouched nature directly in the city, plus an excellent opportunity to engage in various kinds of leisure - here is laid each year, more than 400 miles. ski slopes, some of which are illuminated in the evening. Two ski slopes fitted over the ski stadium at Mount Puyo, more suitable for family skiing and beginners, but from Kuopio is easy to get to the nearby ski centers, "Kasurila in Siilinjärvi, Maarinvaara in Kaavi, Ryamyakkya in Rautalampi and Tahko in Kuopio, where there are hills of any degree of complexity and good trails for snowboarding. Water health centers "Blue Lagoon", "Veseleppis in LEPPÄVIRTA and Kunnonpaikka in Siilinjärvi offer dozens of water rides and a water park" Fontanella "in Siilinjärvi is also acting a giant 90-meter waterslide. On the way Lappeenranta - Imatra is "Forest animals" where possible and am interested in salmon and ride horses.

In Jyväskylä (Jyväskylä), two ski center - "Laajavuori" with special slopes for the children's skating and Riyhivuori "where there are complex hills. HIMOS conveniently located near major cities and is one of the most popular ski resorts in the country - are 17 ski trails, 11 lifts, around 100 km. plain Trail, 2 "half-pipe" and "Street" to snowboard and ski season due to a snow cannon begins in October.

East Finland and North Karelia - a solid hills, rivers and lakes, surrounded by primeval forests and populated with original Karelian people. This is the best area for recreation and ecotourism in the country. In Kajaani (founded in 1651) is a unique wooden Lutheran church, as well as rich Kajaani Art Museum and the Museum of the province of Kainuu. Nurmes - "city of the birches and beautiful tourist center with its own water-recreation complex" Bomba "(House Bombino), also good recreation center" Hyuvyarilya. In Valamo interesting Novovalaamsky Orthodox monastery. In Ilomantsi falls more snow than anywhere else in the country, so skiing traditions are excellent, but also it is the easternmost point of the EU. In the area of Koli to beautiful landscapes add Koli National Park and Nature Center "Ukko" with the beautiful natural sciences expositions.

City of Kuhmo in the province of Kainuu - the second residence of Santa Claus (Youlukyulya), and the city 2 times the area of Tokyo! 3 km. the city is the village from the Kalevala, the cognitive center "Yuminkeko" - a living illustration of the famous epic.

Vuokatti located in the forested hills of Eastern Finland and is a famous international ski center, as well as the most "versatile" resort in the country (11 ski runs of various difficulty, 8 lifts, 150 km. Lowland ski trails and 1 route for snowboards) with the first summer skiing in Europe . Here is one of the largest in Scandinavia, sports and recreation facilities "Katinkulta", "village of Santa Claus and one of the best centers in Finland with a tropical water park. Near Ruka - Kuusamo 360 km. plain Trail, 3 trails for snowboarding, over 40 ski runs and lifts mnogochislennyee. In Iso-Syöte more than 120 km. variety of ski slopes, warm, lighted trail at an altitude of 400 meters and picturesque surroundings.

Lapland - one of the most exotic and sought after places in Finland. The capital of Lapland - lies near the Arctic Circle Rovaniemi, home of Santa Claus and one of the best winter recreation centers in Finland. Here, in a hacked directly into the hill Syuvesenvaara large (4 ths. Pm) "ice" a cave, open a Christmas theme and entertainment center of Santa Park and Santa Claus Post Office (9 km. From Rovaniemi), its fabulous shops and "office". In addition to various attractions in Rovaniemi there is still a first-class ski center on the hill Ounasvaara factory-shop famous knives Marttiini "bridge" Yatkyankyuntillya "(" Candle rafters) with a burning in it everlasting fire, and brought together under one glass roof Arctic Center and the Regional Museum of Lapland Arktikum, predstavlyayushie history, lifestyle, environment, as well as culture and traditions of the peoples living north of the Arctic Circle. The museum's restaurant, serves dishes from the national Lappish cuisine.

80 km. south of Rovaniemi zoo is open wound, representing the Arctic fauna. Also of interest are the Museum of Northern Lights in Pohiyan-Kruunu, the famous Reindeer Park near Salla, Sopka Korvatunturi in Sovakoski - the official residence of Santa Claus, and an amethyst mine near Luosto. From Rovaniemi start hundreds of routes snowmobile, ski, sled, fishing and ecological tours in the whole of Lapland.

Resort Pyuhya (125 km. From Rovaniemi) is famous for its 160 km. first-class ski runs (40 - lit) around the hills Pyhätunturi ( "sacred mountain"), a ski center and natural center of the national park Pyhätunturi. Good winter Center Yulitornio, a small village with a unique nursery Tanhua "Husky" - the Siberian sled dogs - and the pristine forests of the district of Kainuu.

The most northerly ski resort of the country - Saariselkä located on the border of the huge (2550 sq. Km.) Urho Kekkonen National Park, 30 km. from Ivalo, and is famous for 25 km. ski slopes at any level of complexity, 210 km. plain Trail and more than 500 km. trained snowmobile trails. It is interesting to visit the nearby (30 km. From Saariselkä) p Tankavaara gold-diggers, and with the Museum exhibition "The World of Gold", as well as p Siida (70 km. From Saariselkä) on the bank's second largest lake of the country - Inari, where an interesting wooden church built in 1760 , and the unique Museum of the Sami.

Center of winter sports Levy (18 km. From Kittilä), is 250 km. first-class ski trails (along with neighboring Muonio and Hetta - more than 1000 km.!), 15 km. mountain trails (the longest - 2,5 km.) and an indoor sports center.

Ylläs located in Western Lapland, near the border with Sweden, and has the most extensive in the country's network of highly trained ski slopes (250 kms.) Successfully interwoven with lines of the neighboring resorts of Levi, Muonio and Hetta. At all the resorts can take part in safaris, snowmobile racing and dog-sledding, go fishing in the beautiful surrounding waters or spend the evening in the sauna, which naturally exists in every hotel and cottage.

Lying on the coast of the Gulf of Bothnia a city famous for its Kemi icebreaker Sampo and Snow Castle, and Oulu - the largest city in the north of Scandinavia. Also of interest are "twin cities" Tornio and Haparanda, and resort Kalajoki - an ideal place for family holidays in both summer and winter.

The specific nature of intimacy attached to these places in Sweden - the border is very close, and you can go visit the neighbors, and in the Tornio-Haparanta can play golf in the snow, throwing the balls over the border! And, of course, beautiful nature, hundreds of modern hotels and private cottages, plus all the conditions for active rest.


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