Finland Traditional cuisine

Finland The Finnish national cuisine formed under the influence of a sufficiently harsh natural environment of this country, so almost every dish bears the imprint of the historical heritage of the Finnish people. Another feature - a passion for the simple and hearty, home cooking, and that is especially close to the Russian tradition - with the obligatory presence of fresh bread on the table.

In the first place, of course, cooked in many different ways fish. The most popular dishes - rainbow trout in its own juice "graavi kirelohi, salmon in their own juice" graavi Lochy, baked salmon and whitefish, herring salad "rosolli", a kind of salad platter of fish "Salamat" caviar of freshwater fish and onion and sour cream - "Mathey, casserole of potatoes and herring" kalalaatikko, stewed in milk, sea fish "maytokalakeytto" soup of dried fish "maymarokka", fish soup with milk - kalakeytto and lohikeytteo, cakes of sour dough with raw fish "kyalakyayareyttya, rye crisp cakes with fish and bacon Kalakukko, as well as the famous fish pie from unleavened dough" kalekukko.

Traditional meat dishes, mostly prepared from venison and game. Roast venison with mashed potatoes and lingonberry jam, pickles and honey and cottage cheese, meat in Karelian in a pot "karyalanpaisti", roast venison, poronpaisti "stewed in a wooden pot lamb" syarya "as well as a multitude of dishes from poultry and losyatiny .

Among dairy foods very popular cheese, yogurt and viili "- a kind of sweet and sour milk product used as an additive in many dishes. For dessert, usually served a variety of berries, which is so rich in local nature, yeast rolls "pull" and the original jelly.

Finns favorite drink - coffee, according to his consumption of the country confidently takes first place in the world! Domestic beer kotikalya "kind kvass - as an indispensable attribute of any table. The popularity of vodka, Koskenkorva-Wynne, and the famous "Finlandia". A special place is occupied by local berry liqueur - infused with wild berries and herbs, "lakkalikeri" (cloudberry), "puolukkalikeri (cranberries)," karpalolikeri (cranberry) and mesimaryalikeri "(blackberry) have an unusual taste and special flavor. In Finland, from berries manage to do even sparkling wine - sort "Kavleri and Elissi" sufficiently original and popular even outside the country.


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