Finland Traditions

Finland Bargaining is in Finland is not accepted, but in some shops and markets you can haggle quite successful, especially in Kauppahalli. There is a whole system of seasonal discounts and sales. From Christmas until the end of January, and in the summer after Midsummer Day (June 22-24), last for prolonged periods of sales, where discounts can reach 30-50%.

In Finland, the dependence of the level of service and quality of rooms is almost independent of the number of "stars" hotel. The level of most hotels, even private wooden cottages in remote areas is very high, and the rooms are equipped with all amenities sovremennymy. The price almost always include breakfast. The price level while also quite high. Many hotels form a lucrative "family" prices, which include tickets to various tourist sites in the region. Many hotels free of charge (sharing room with parents) are placed children under 12 years if they do not need an extra bed. Discount can also be obtained through a variety of hotel and city maps, including the usual and other services.

There is a fairly wide network of campgrounds. The fee for parking in campsite varies, depending on the class, ranging from 7 to 20 euros, accommodation in a residential house - from 26 to 60 Euro. Requires "Camping Card" (available at most camping and costs 5 euros), as well as operating the international map "CCI" and other tourist maps. The cottages and hotel rooms, smoking is prohibited. If you need a room for smokers, it is better to agree in advance when booking.

Finland adopted a very rigid system of environmental management. Do not break up the tents and fires outside designated places, disturb or cause harm to wild animals and birds, set up a camp in the vicinity of housing, use of vehicles without permission from the owner of the site, fishing and hunting without the proper permits (fishing on the float rod and Donkey are free).

Religion: about 88% of the population - Lutherans, 1,1% - Orthodox Christians, met representatives of other faiths.

Finns - very friendly and straightforward people. Numerous legends and true stories "about this people often have no basis other than the imagination of the narrator. Finns - quiet and very correct people, who appreciate all cases thoroughness and deliberateness, but this is not a physiological trait, as is commonly believed, but ordinary common sense. Pretty harsh nature of this area simply can not do anything differently than all the carefully thought out in advance, otherwise the fruits of labor will simply be quickly lost. Therefore we should not expect instant reaction from the Finn, but underestimate it too hardly reasonable.

Code of Conduct Suomi fairly standard for the North-European countries: correctness, politeness and calm - are three pillars of the local etiquette. Handshake to the other party accepted only when we first met, in subsequent contacts are limited to just nod and binding verbal greeting. However, in an official or business etiquette handshake required in all cases. Some public "concessions to the weaker sex" most often will be misunderstood - the ladies here also decided to shake his hand, otherwise the behavior would be seen as offensive.

In a business dealing with the Finns recommended to watch the interlocutor in the eye - if the opinion is given, then the resident may suspect a partner of insincerity. Also in Finland should not be crony relations, touching his interlocutor (pat, put his hand on his shoulder), it is impossible to interrupt the interlocutor, gestures actively, raise his voice and rapidly demonstrate their emotions.

Festivals and holidays: 1 January (New Year), January 6 (Epiphany) in February - Day of Runeberg, 2-5 April (Easter), May 1 (spring festival Vapunpyayvya), May 9 (Mother's Day), May 17 ( Day of Remembrance for the victims), 13 May (Ascension), May 23 (Trinity), 20 June (Midsummer Day), October 10 (Day Alexiev Kiwi), 24 October (UN Day), Oct. 31 (All Saints Day), Nov. 6 ( Day of the Swedish culture), November 8 (Father's Day), 6 December (Independence Day), December 25-26 (Christmas).


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