France Customs

France The number of inward and outward means of payment is not limited. Cash and securities worth more than 7,5 thousand euro (or other currency equivalent) must be declared. Foreign currency, translated into euros, can be re-translated into foreign currency only to the equivalent of 800 euros. In addition to the things of personal use duty-free can carry up to 1 liter. liquor, beverage strength less than 22 ° - to 2 liters., 2 liters. wine, 200 pcs. cigarettes, 500 gr. coffee (or 200 gr. extracts of coffee) to 50 oz. perfume (eau de toilette - up to 250 gr.), tea - 100 gr. (or 40 oz. extracts of tea) and food (fish - up to 2 kg., eggs - 250 gr., products of animal origin - up to 1 kg.) and other goods (for persons over 15 years) in the amount of 15 euros (for children - for 10 euros). Marking of expiration dates of food required!

Prohibited import and export of drugs, items of historical value, arms and ammunition, as well as animals and plants listed endangered species. When importing medicines for personal use does not require any permission, but must bring a prescription issued by a doctor or a lawyer. Plants, animals and products of vegetable origin must be presented to officials of the quarantine service. Animals must have a certificate of immunization, as well as a medical certificate in French, issued not earlier than five days prior to departure.


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