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France France - is one of the oldest states in Europe, modern of its territory in its basic features formed in the XV century. France - a country that admires its beauty. Not for nothing France called Stars of Europe, firstly, its borders exactly follow the contours of the star, and secondly, this is really a star in Europe. This is Paris! Disneyland! Champagne! France - a historical center, the center of fashion, cosmetics, wine and cooking ...

France - the state in Western Europe. In the north-eastern borders with Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany in the east - with Germany and Switzerland in the south-east - with Monaco and Italy in the south-west - with Spain and Andorra.

Sea coast, stretching for 3120 km., Bordering the North Sea and Mediterranean seas, straits Pas-de-Calais, English Channel and Bay of Biscay. The western and northern areas of the plains, in the center and east - by high mountains of the Massif Central, Vosges and Jura. The southwestern border is the high Pyrenees and on the south-east - the Alps, the highest mountain in Western Europe. The total area of the country (including islands) is 551.6 thousand square meters. km.

The capital of Paris.


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