France Traditional cuisine

France French cuisine is considered one of the best in the world. The most famous of its products are buns, croissants, chocolate bread, baguettes, long loaves, and snails from Burgundy, egg Kokot with tarragon, pea flour pancakes "Sokka, sausages in Lyons, lobster with parsley, cake Luka pisalade "and, of course, onion soup. Plus the mandatory use of a variety of sauces (more than 3000 recipes), and many spices. In this country, each region has its own traditional cuisine, often quite similar to neighbors.

Kitchen Provence, Languedoc and Gascony different acute and widespread use for cooking wine and spices. On the coast, the Loire can try unusual dishes from the leaves of dandelion and freshwater fish. Alsatian cuisine is very similar to German.
Cuisine of Burgundy is famous for its cheeses (shaurs "," Wesel "," Macon "," epuas "," Charolais "and" sumantran "), anchovy" Chablis ", chicken in red wine, mustard from Dijon, in Burgundy snails, goat cheese from Macon, poultry from Bresse, ham with parsley, Burgundy truffles, as well as the famous beef, Charolais. Enjoy wide popularity of cider from the area and black currant liqueur.

Brittany is widely known for its "seafood", here used to eat almost everything edible marine life, and fish, oysters, crabs, lobsters, lobster and shrimp are used to prepare each of the second dish. Also popular "crepe" - a kind of pancakes with various fillings.

Normandy is famous for its dairy products, in the first place - cheese (Camembert "," Ponte Leweck "," Iivari, "" nefshatel ", etc.), sour cream and mushrooms, are adding almost all the dishes, and sausage in Virsky and "true Normand - apple sorbet and apple brandy.

Cuisine of Provence - this is first and foremost "buyabes" of various kinds of fish sauce "Rui", fresh mussels in onion broth with spices, bread in the form of a boat - "Navette" dishes of crabs and fish sauce, or fried with aniseed liqueur on the lattice , ear with garlic sauce - burrida, vegetable stew, ratatouille and lamb ragout, tomatoes on Provencal, goat cheese, truffles and more, all this is richly flavored with olive oil. And, of course, the famous "nougat" from Montelimar.
Corsica is famous for its cheeses made from sheep's milk, "Brokken, ham, coppa, fig jam, are also popular omelette with mint and cheese, meat, corn porridge, seafood, delicious sweets, several kinds of honey and strawberry jam. Here are preparing wonderful dishes of meat - soup with chestnuts and onions and garlic to the meat broth, fillet of pork "Lonzo" ham "pritsuttu, bacon and eggs or a baked potato" pantsetta and smoked liverwurst "figatellu. Most popular on the island of "fruit" - a sweet chestnut tree, from which makes a lot of dishes, as well as the Corsican variety of tangerines - "clementine".

No separate discussion deserve the French wines. France produces thousands of varieties of excellent wines, all colors, the vineyards are considered a national treasure of this country, which gave the world the brandy (in its modern sense), champagne and the famous Armagnac. Magnificent red wines of Bordeaux and Burgundy in the Middle Ages were regarded as' liquid currency of Europe. " Brittany and Normandy are famous for their cider (sparkling apple drink on the basis of alcohol content of about 3-5%) and Calvados (a product of the distillation of cider, two-or three-year exposure to cognac technology, "fortress" of more than 40%), which began here to produce more in XIII century. Corsican wine more tart and fragrant than the "continental" variety, and are made from several grape varieties. Such varieties are known as "Skyacharelli and Nieluchchi, dry white wines from Vermentino aperitif Cap Corse, Corsican vodka" Aquavita "liqueur" Ratafia, many liquors from myrtle, lemon, strawberry, orange, plum and walnut wine.


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