France Traditions

France Most French people are sincerely convinced that every decent nostranets must speak French at least at the level of elementary words. Therefore an appeal to the local resident in English, for example, can cause misunderstanding demonstrative reaction with all the consequences.

Products in the shops in the city center on 15-40% more expensive than in supermarkets in the suburbs.

For France is characterized by relatively low crime rate, but the number of thefts of personal property is sufficiently large. It should especially beware of "pickpockets" in airports, railway stations, public transport, trains from the airport of Charles de Gaulle in the downtown, museums and other popular locations. Leave valuables, documents and large sums of money in the safe of the hotel, do not get the purse in crowded places. Also should not leave things on the front seat of the car during the stops. During the walks do not take with a bag over his shoulder - especially active thieves on motorcycles.

Official holidays and weekends France
January 1 - New Year's.
April - Easter.
May 1 - Labor Day.
8 May - Liberation Day.
May 12 - May 20 - Ascension.
23 May - Whit Monday.
May 30-31 - Trinity.
July 14 - Bastille Day.
August 15, Assumption of the Virgin.
November 1 - All Saints' Day.
November 11 - Memorial Day, Armistice Day in the First World War.
December 25 through January 1 - Christmas.
During holidays, museums are closed, but some shops are open.

Festivals and holidays
PARIS - The International Exhibition of Modern Painting (Autumn). Every year on July 13, the eve of Bastille Day, the Bastille was a huge concert. Annual Celtic Music Festival is held in Loriane in early August. Every year in Dijon hosts the International Festival of Folk Art (August - September).

Cannes - International Fair of records and musical editions in the Palais des Festivals (18 - 22 January), Fair television programs (the first week of April), the International Film Festival (usually from 13 to 24 May), and in May, the "Porno-Oskar" - Hot D 'Or. In Juan-les-Pins - second jazz festival d'Azur (the second half of July). In Cannes (14 July) and Monaco (21-25 July and 4.11 in August) - Two Art Festival fireworks. Nice - Spring Festival (Carnival) 1 to May 27, Festival of Baroque Music in the early summer, "Nice Jazz Festival - 11 to 19th July and the" Festival of Music Mansa "in November. International Circus Festival held in Monaco in late January - early February. In the Mentone Chamber Music Festival is held in the church of San Michele (1-31 August) and lemons Festival (8-28 February).

Takes the famous Avignon Festival of Arts Dramatic Art (annually in July). Every summer in Burgundy is a music festival "Grands Cruz" and the festival of the best French wines. Grass holds festival of flowers (roses show) in May and the Feast of jasmine in August.

Corsica - August 12 in Piodzhiolle there is a competition for the best bell-ringer. Bright Fair with poetic contests held in Niola in early September. August 25 at Serman collected village violinists from all over the island and conducted Festival quadrille. In Bastelike August 12 is a costume parade in honor of national hero Sampiero, a prototype of Othello. August 8 and 9 during the festival "Festa Antica" in ALERIA open Crafts Fair, held costumed processions, and the restaurants served the Roman menu. In Ajaccio Aug. 15 honoring Napoleon. Colorful Fairs olive oil are held in St. Lucie-de-Tallano in March and in Montegrosso in July.


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