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France Russia's citizens wishing to travel to France or another country of the Schengen Agreement, must necessarily have a Schengen visa. The main package of documents required for obtaining short-term visas at the consulate of France:
• Booking Hotels (fax) prepay for 2 days (if the purpose of the trip - tourism), or an invitation from the French side (attestation d'accueil), made out in French Mayor's Office (original and photocopy), if the purpose of the trip is private. If the purpose of the travel business, the invitation should be executed on the letterhead of the company with the director's signature (original and photocopy). The invitation can be stated that the Applicant will be accompanied by his wife (the child). In this case, they would have no business and tourist visa. The invitation must specify the address to which applicants will be living in France.
• Insurance for Schengen for the whole stay.
• Valid passport (valid for at least 3 months after the expiry of the requested visa). If a citizen has a few s / n, it is necessary to provide them all.
• Russia's internal passport.
• Old s / n (if any).
• Help with work indicating the position and place of work.
- For Students - stud. ticket and a photocopy
- For students - a certificate from the school during the summer vacation the notes on the translation for the next school year.
- For retirees - a copy of the pension certificate with a photocopy.
• For all categories of applicants must be proof of financial solvency (bank statement, proof of the last 3 wages, certificates of currency exchange or warranty Sponsor).
• Photos of 3x4, stuck on the application form, filled in capital letters in French (Demande de visa Schengen) or in English (Application for Schengen visa), in extreme cases, in Russian in Latin letters.
If the applicants - the child (18 years), then in addition to the basic package, you must submit the following documents:
- Original and copy of birth certificate.
- Original and copy of the permission to travel from both parents (only in France is not enough: Be sure to France and the countries of the Schengen Agreement). If a child is traveling with a parent, you need permission to travel from the second parent. If a child is traveling without a parent, you need a notarized and translated into French delegation of parental authority in the accompanying person, or on the receiving side in France. In turn, from the accompanying person requires a notarized document with the translation into French of the agreement of the adoption of parental authority. These items may be included in the exit permit, or take the form of three separate documents.
- Photocopy of one sheet of domestic or foreign passport of the parents (most importantly, that on this sheet has been signed).
Based on a short-term Schengen visa has the right to stay on the territory of the member countries of the Schengen agreement does not exceed 90 days within six months.
If you want to go to the overseas territories of France (Guadeloupe, New Caledonia, Guiana, French Polynesia, Martinique, Wallis and Futuna Islands, Reunion, Australian and Antarctic Lands French Sent-Martan/Sent Barthelemy, Saint Pierre and Miquelon, Mayotte), it is necessary provide the following documents:
• Coordinates the place of residence during travel (name, address, phone, fax);
• Booking Hotels, private invitation, an invitation to the company or official body;
• Ticket for a plane to go there / back.
You will receive a response within 10 days from the date of filing.
The cost of short-term visa (for a period of stay to 90 days) is 35?.


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