Greece Customs

Greece In accordance with Greek customs regulations are allowed to import duty free personal belongings (clothing, tourist equipment, etc.), food and beverages up to 10 kg, cigarettes - 300 pcs. or equal to the amount of tobacco, liquors - 1,5 l or dessert wine - 2 liters; playing cards are no more than 2 decks (in playing cards, as in the match, in Greece, introduced a state monopoly).

Permitted to bring a camera and film or video camera and film to her, binoculars, musical instrument of small size, audio and video equipment, bicycles, sports equipment.

The import of narcotics, drugs (except for a limited number of drugs prescribed by a doctor), antiques, explosives, weapons. For advice on specific restrictions relating to import and export of animals and plants, as well as specific items (such as: fireworks, arts and antiques), should contact the Greek embassy, consulate or local tourist organizations.


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