Description Loutraki, Greece

It was in Greece is a place where literally from the tap flows "live" mineral water. This city - a resort of Loutraki. Loutraki - health resort with world-famous - every year receives Blue Flag from the International Association of ecologists. Tens of thousands of tourists come here to correct health, enjoy the beauty, quietness, rest and worship the holy Christian sites ...

Loutraki is located on the shore of the Gulf of Corinth in 85 km from Athens. Near - Corinth Canal, sedinyayuschy Aegean and Ionian Sea and separates Attica and the Peloponnese. This resort town, which stretches for 3 km along the sea, with its beautiful waterfront, which offers a variety of tavernas, bars and discos. This resort is for family vacationers as well as lovers of entertainment

Loutraki - resort city, located on lush, with clean beaches, promenade, bars and restaurants. This is the best place for summer holidays in Central Greece: a noisy near the capital, and around the main sights of ancient Greece and many interesting excursions. Nearby is a water park.


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