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Hungary The visa regime. For short-term (up to 90 days, the visa type "C" for the purpose of tourism, private travel, business, treatment or training) must present a valid visa for more than 6 months passport, travel voucher, invitation (original) or book a hotel for tourist visa that has been formulated and certified by the police of the Republic of Hungary (or a copy of the documents received by fax are not valid) or the direction of the Hungarian medical institution of acceptance for a course of treatment, completed questionnaires, 3 photos, air or railway ticket for a trip to BP and back (except for a single transit). In addition to the above documents Consulate may ask for other documents confirming the purpose of stay in the country.

Cost of visa for single entry - $ 40, single transit - $ 38, double entry - $ 75, double transit - $ 65, multiple entry - $ 180. Surcharge for urgency - $ 15, the transfer of a valid visa to new passport - $ 20. The term visa - up to eight working days, although usually this process takes longer. The Visa Section of the Embassy of Hungary in Moscow prepares for urgent visas.

Availability of a visa does not in itself gives its owner the right to enter the territory of Hungary. Must present documents confirming compliance with the conditions of entry and stay in Hungary not only when applying for a visa to inspect travel documents are authorized and border guards of the Hungarian Republic. In the absence of convincing evidence of compliance with all conditions required for entry visa holder to enter the country is not allowed.


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