India Medical aid

India Officially vaccinations are not required, but recommended to make a vaccine against meningitis, typhoid, hepatitis A, as well as a prevention against malaria. There is a high risk of contracting hepatitis A, cholera, dysentery, malaria and typhoid. It should also carry a first aid kit with the means of disinfection against gastric disorders and antibiotics.

Many of the big cities of India have a high degree of gas contamination and pollution, so for travelers with a predisposition to respiratory diseases is desirable precautionary measure.

In the Indian state of Kerala is growing extremely dangerous for human tree "Cerbera odollam", also known as "osalanga Maram." The danger comes from its poisonous fruit containing serberin (toxin), lethal action on the heart. In the immature green form they resemble mangoes, so easily deceived, and it is fraught with fatal consequences.

The tree reaches a height of 15 meters, has dark green leaves and allocates milky white latex sap. Its large white flowers exude a scent that resembles the smell of jasmine. From its venom kills more people than any other poisonous plants. Fruits "osalangi Maram" is often poisoned children, mistakenly took them for mangoes.


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