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India Festivals and holidays India on 26 January, Good Friday, May 14, 2-3, 23 October, 7 November, 25 December, days of religious and local festivals. Visit to India from October to March to avoid very hot months and the period of monsoon rains. In various states of religious holidays is not the same, it varies from year to year. This information is necessary to clarify when planning your trip. If a holiday falls on a Saturday or Sunday, then the company may be closed the preceding Friday or next Monday.

At the entrance to every temple you will be asked to remove their shoes, so it is desirable to bring socks, and after a tour of their emissions.

Not accepted hugging and kissing in public. Salute, combining their fingers at the forehead. Do not try first to shake his hand and the more kiss. You go around all the buildings, especially religious buildings, with the left side. If you pour tea, wait until you are not invited to tea. If you leave, empty the cup and leave it.

India - a paradise for the buyer. With the current low cost in India can and should bargain - it will buy the goods at the best price. In India, high-quality and inexpensive fabric: silk (in Varanasi), cotton (in Rajasthan, Chennai), wool, brocade, cashmere, chiffon. Carpets - the most expensive and popular commodity in India. Little it costs ukupit silver jewelry, precious stones: diamond, ruby, sapphire, pearls (in Hyderabad), aquamarine and moonstone.

Number of colorful folk festivals and celebrations are many times higher than even the number of national holidays of the country. Every day in any village of the country must pass some folk, dance and musical performances, exhibitions, fairs, crafts and cooking.

The most colorful parade in New Delhi on the occasion of Republic Day, Water Festival and Festival of elephants in Kerala (January), a cascade of festivities during the holiday peasant Lori (January), the International kite festival in Ahmedabad (January), a colorful parade of carnival cars Madurai and Tamil Nadu (February), Week of Yoga in Rishikesh and Uttar Pradesh (February), the annual dance festival in Khajuraho (February), a nationwide festival of Shivratri Natyandzhali (February-March), spring festival Dulhendi (Pushpadolotsav) and the spring festival of Shigmo in Goa (March).

Every year on March 16 in northern India, in Jaipur, Elephant Festival is held. Nowhere in the world can no longer see so many of these giant animals, gathered at one time in one place. They are dressed in colorful cloth and garlands. On the day of the festival visitors can see a procession of elephants, marching to music, watch the race on elephants, or in the real sports on polo on elephants.

Festival Hoysala Empire Mahotsava temple dance performed in Halebid and Karnataka (April), 10-day Shi'ite Muharram festival is held in April-May, the International Festival of flowers in Sikkim (May), a three-day folk festival in Rajasthan, Summer (June), Festival of chariots "Ratha Yatra in Puri (Orissa, June-July), the annual folk festival Tarnetar Mel (Melville) in August, hundreds of colorful festivals and fireworks throughout the country during the Durga Puja (September-October) and Holi (March), as well as Pushkarskaya Fair camels in Rajasthan (October-November), the International Festival of pearls in Hyderabad (November), the International Festival of seafood in Goa (November), gardening Radzharani festival in Orissa (December), and thousands of other equally interesting events. Festival Ganesh Chaturti (Vinayak, August-September) is dedicated to popular slonogolovomu god Ganesh.

In September and October being a delightful festival of the Gods in Kullu, part of the Festival Dashahra, the most exciting events which take place in Mysore and Ahmedabad.

Do not use on the street selling ice - it can be prepared from raw water. To consume is recommended only mineral water in plastic bottles, and wash hands thoroughly special "red" soap. Be sure to thoroughly wash (and desirable - and scald) vegetables and fruits, also do not allow the seller to cut the fruit with his knife. It is advisable not to use the salads, relatively fearlessly can only have vegetables in their skins, or after heat-treating.

Quite common - pickpocketing and theft of baggage, so the passport, air tickets, insurance and cash are best kept in the hotel vault, taking only the necessary minimum. Carefully watch your luggage during loading and unloading.

In Sikh temples can enter only with his head covered, in a mosque a woman could enter only to cover their heads and shoulders, as well as in a long dress. Do not make the temples of any leather. By tradition, should sacrifice a little money temple (immersed in a box for donations).

You can take pictures only with permission of a minister of the church. During filming in natural reserves and national parks have to pay as agreed with the administration. Some ethnic groups and castes pictures is strictly not recommended. All the buildings, especially religious buildings, should bypass the left side. Should be respectful of any object of worship.

Soles of shoes should not be directed toward the interlocutor, it is considered a sign of disrespect. Not be shown anywhere forefinger. In a conversation I've never raise my voice and do not lose your temper, otherwise you simply will not communicate.


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