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Israel Upon arrival in Israel Tourists must present passports and entry forms, which at passport control stamp. Those who do not wish to have the Israeli notes in their passports must first inform the representative of the Border Service. In Israel's airports is a "green corridor" through which the following persons who do not have with them (and the accompanied luggage) products, requiring declaration.

Import and export of currency in any form is not limited. Duty-free can carry up to 1 liter. alcoholic beverages and up to 2 liters. wine, up to 250 gr. perfume up to 250 pcs. cigarettes or 250 gr. tobacco, gifts not exceeding $ 150, as well as objects and things of personal use. In addition, tax-exempt the following goods if they have small dimensions and looks second-hand: typewriters, cameras and movie cameras (except cameras), radios, tape recorders, binoculars, personal jewelry, musical instruments, carriages for infants sports equipment and equipment for camping, biking, and similar accessories tourists.

It is strictly forbidden to bring in drugs, weapons and ammunition plants and animals without special documents. Strict control over the smuggling of antiquities and works of art, as well as video equipment, computers and other media (declared and passed only on bail). Thorough security checks in Israel - this is a common procedure performed for the common defense.

We do not recommend the importation of things, directly or indirectly pointing to visit Arab states. Irrelevant questions can cause even found in your luggage Journal of the Emirates, or T-shirt with the inscription "I love Lebanon".

Antiques built before 1700, are defined as items of handicrafts, which can be exported from Israel only by written permission of the Director of Antiquities. This sale price is subject to an additional 10% tax on exports.


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