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Israel In Israel, several popular resorts on the Mediterranean and Dead Seas, but most tourists attracted by historical landmarks.

Jerusalem - a symbol of the sanctity of God's people, a city with an ancient and dramatic history, the city and the complicated story of rare beauty. Holy City of Jerusalem, the stones of which went to the patriarch Abraham, King David, the psalmist, Jesus Christ, Mohammed, the emperors of Byzantium, Rome, East and West, the warriors, crusaders, Saladin's shelves, Barbarossa, countless pilgrims, among them many Russian people. Jerusalem at the same time - a living city, where almost half a million Israelis and Palestinians, Jews, Muslims and Christians, the city, which is divided into Armenian, Christian, Jewish and Muslim parts, separated by walls and gates, and in which everyone can find himself a that interests him. Jerusalem has become one of the main places of pilgrimage and religious search is in hoary antiquity. When the forefather of Jews, Muslims and Christians, Abraham came to the Holy Land - but it is, by tradition, nearly four thousand years ago - he had met in Jerusalem, the king-priest, the one God of Melchizedek, and together they bowed to God. Three thousand years ago King David captured the city and made it his capital, and his son, Solomon the Wise built a magnificent temple in it. Two thousand years ago in Jerusalem, Jesus Christ was crucified, laid in the tomb and was resurrected. Since then, Christian pilgrims visit the Church of the Resurrection and the Golgotha scene of the crucifixion, the church piled up - the place of the Exaltation of the Cross, Garden of Gethsemane - a place of prayer in the Garden and his arrest, Mount of Olives - the place of the Ascension and the meetings with the apostles, the place of the Assumption, the resurrection of Lazarus, the Nativity of St. John Baptist Church, the Secret Vespers and many others.

For the Russian people of Jerusalem - a city and Eleonskogo Monastery and the Monastery of St.. Mary Magdalene in Gethsemane, and the Trinity Cathedral and the Church of St.. Alexander Nevsky, and the biggest of them Gorny Convent. Thirteen centuries ago, the majority of the population of the Holy Land to Islam (though many remained Orthodox), and since then the main sanctuary city - a huge rock, sanctified from the time of Melchizedek and Solomon - was one of the holiest sites in Islam, second only to Mecca and Medina. On this rock stepped during Mi'raj night journey the prophet Mohammed, and above it the Caliph Abd al Malik Omayya kind of built the most beautiful building of the Holy Land - the famous Golden Dome. And now the important prayers to a quarter of a million Muslims going around the Golden Dome in the courtyard of ancient Jerusalem's Al Aqsa mosque. For Muslims, pilgrimage to Jerusalem is only slightly less than the hajj - the pilgrimage to Mecca, and in recent years, many Muslims in Russia and other CIS countries visited Jerusalem - Mukkadas or Kul (Holy City).

For Jews Jerusalem is also a religious center. About Kotel Jewish believers for thousands of years mourned the destruction of the temple in 70 AD, and now in the same place the Jewish festivals. On Mount Sheaf visit the tomb of King David, in the valley of Kidron - the tomb of Simeon, a righteous man, the source of Gijon, where he was anointed to the kingdom of King Solomon. In the Jewish Quarter of the Old City are the ancient synagogue Ramban, pp. Judah Hasid, traces of the ancient kingdom of Judah. Next - a large Jewish cemetery on the Mount of Olives, where the righteous await resurrection at the coming of the Messiah.

Will also find a major shrines and other immigrants from the CIS countries. In Jerusalem, is the Armenian Patriarchate and the Armenian Cathedral of St.. Jacob, in the Monastery of the Holy Cross was living out his days in the great Georgian poet Shota Rustaveli.

But Jerusalem is not only historical and religious relics, but lively and modern city. It emerged in recent years, modern shopping centers, whole blocks of restaurants and cafes, areas of night clubs and bars. Here are the main characters and the Israeli state parliament, the Knesset, the President of the House, the residence and office of the Prime Minister. Jerusalem Hotels There are about 7 thousand rooms, and besides in the municipal service delivery rooms under the name "Boker Tov" (good morning).

There are many museums. Largest in the country - Israel Museum. It contains a huge number of interesting objects, ranging from ancient lists of the Bible, the Dead Sea Scrolls, discovered in the Qumran caves. There you can see and a wonderful collection of paintings, including originals of Van Gogh, Matisse, Chagall, a collection of Indo-American art, objects of Jewish folk and religious art. It is interesting to walk and religious Jewish neighborhood of Mea Shearim, where the ultra-Orthodox live, dress, behave as three hundred years ago in the towns of Eastern Europe. Arabic Bazaar of the Old City can easily compete with the famous bazaars of Baghdad, Damascus and Cairo.

Tel Aviv. If Jerusalem - political and spiritual capital of Israel, Tel Aviv - a true cultural and shopping center, a vibrant and bustling metropolis, who lives 24 hours a day without stopping. Due to central location of Tel Aviv, the tourist can go in the morning anywhere in the country and return in the evening to his hotel. International cosmopolitan mix of Israelis and tourists, business and entertainment, commerce and restaurants makes Tel Aviv the city a pleasant and easily understandable for the visitor from abroad. Tel Aviv in the first Mediterranean resort city. His 13-km embankment with clean sandy beaches, bathers, swimmers, sailing enthusiasts boils activities. On the embankment walk the citizens and guests of the city, give an idea jugglers and magicians, musicians and mimes. Many restaurants and cafes overlooking the promenade. Immediately and the marina, where 300 is moored sailing and motor vessels. There is another port of the ancient port of Jaffa, which is famous for its fish restaurants. In Tel Aviv - 5000 hotel rooms from the ultra-luxury and to a very modest hotel. Almost all of Tel Aviv hotels are located in the heart of the city, and more luxurious stand directly on the Mediterranean beregu.Tel Aviv - an important center of business and trade, so the big hotels have special floors and halls for business travelers. On the other hand, in recent years on the streets parallel to the sea a vivid arose many youth hostels, where you can reasonably priced accommodation.

In Tel Aviv a lot of museums. At the campus in Ramat Aviv, the Museum of the Diaspora - history of the Jewish people. Its exhibits show art and life of Jewish communities in the scattering of 2500 years. Here are models of famous synagogues, dozens of videos and exhibits explain Jewish customs and beliefs. Nearby is the Museum Zrey Israel "with its samples of local crafts and art. In the same museum renovated planetarium, one of the most modern in the world, allowing to make a trip among the stars. The Tel Aviv Museum has a fine collection of paintings from Rembrandt to Roy Lichtenstein, representing practically all the well-known Israeli artists. Not far from it - a new Arts Center. Golda Moir, who became the home of the Israeli Opera. Old Opera House located on the waterfront, and there now is a very fancy and expensive apartment building - "Opera Tower. Telavivtsy love and buy paintings, and many small but important galleries are located on Gordon Street in the city. Ibid and representation of the famous "Sotebi.

Eilat. Growing up on the southern extremity of Israel on the Gulf coast of the Red Sea resort of Eilat has become widely known as a great place for recreation and tourism, especially for lovers of the sea and sun. It is here every day, and the sea constantly warm: in summer 25, winter 21. So the holiday season, swimming and sandy beaches - all year round! Fans enjoy sea swimming, scuba diving, windsurfing, yachts and sailing boats. You can enjoy the fantastic beauty of coral reefs, a myriad of colorful tropical fish through the glass bottom boat, or being in a submarine, or even from the underwater observatory. Eilat is famous as an excellent sea fishing for tuna, barracuda and other large fish. Arrange an exciting excursions and jeep safaris and camel in the Negev desert. Customer's service impeccable comfort and service in white modern hotel located a stone's throw from the beach, numerous restaurants, bars, nightclubs and discos.

Dead Sea. To the east of the Judean desert, the lowest point of the world (400 meters below sea level), lies the Dead Sea. This is one of the most popular tourist destination. This area of dead and living desert oases. In the far north, a half hour drive from Jerusalem - the ancient oasis of Jericho. Jericho - the oldest city on earth, he came ten thousand years ago, long before the pyramids of Egypt. In the city Hischama beautiful palace, built by the same architects as the Golden Dome in Jerusalem. Not far away - places associated with the life of Christ, Mount of temptation, the source of the prophet Elisha, tree Zaccheo. Jericho is interesting and the fact that there has begun implementation of the peace plan for the Rabin-Arafat, and the tourist can see a number of Israeli and Palestinian policemen, carry out joint raids.

Further to the south - the ruins of Qumran, near which were found ancient manuscripts from the Dead Sea. Even further - Al Feshha, which implies a huge underground river to form ponds, rivers and reservoirs; Al gels, with its waterfalls and caves, where young David hid from the wrath of Saul. Further south - rock Masada, on top of which - interesting ruins of the palace of King Herod. In 73 BC It committed suicide at Masada 960 gold rebels who fought against the Romans until the end - so says a modern historian Josephus Flavius. Masada was excavated by archaeologist Yigael Yadin and turned into a political symbol. But visit the rock and its strength is impressive, particularly because of the fantastic form, which opens from the top. There you can climb on a cable car, or even on foot. Young people love to meet the dawn at Masada, where he was particularly impressive. From April to October at Masada shall light and sound presentation.

Despite all the grandeur and historical significance, the Dead Sea is a comfortable place to rest. In the oases Hey Bokek and Neve Zohar hotels are all classes from 1500 numbers. Large hotels Dead Sea are focused on the creation of modern curative-cosmetic clinics with the use of mineral waters and mud. Guests relax, relax, relieve tension and at the same time undergoing a course of health events under the supervision of qualified personnel. In these hospitals used mud and sulfur baths, inhalation, massage, beauty treatments, swimming pools with sea water and modern gymnasium. All this is fitted with the latest technology, and holyat cherished guest, and he was the first day begins to feel the return of youth. Dead Sea - the world-renowned treatment center. The course of treatment can take place in hotels and in private and public clinics. Even if the latter is not so elegant and health, they return to the same extent. Dead Sea water temperature varies from 19 degrees in February to 31 degrees in August. Approximate composition of water is as follows (in mg per liter): 212400 chloride, bromide 5120, sulfate, 470 bicarbonate, 22, potassium 7260, calcium 1860 magnesium 40650, 39150 sodium. Magnesium heals allergic disorders of the skin and bronchi, and its concentration in the Dead Sea is 15 times higher than in the oceans. The concentration of bromine is 50 times higher than in the oceans, but he clearly affects the nervous system. This combination of rich mineral water, filtered troposphere sunlight and dry air of the desert attracts many patients. Many were sent here by doctors. Patients with psoriasis, vitiligo, rheumatism, high blood pressure swear that the Dead Sea has helped them, and come back here every year. Helps sea and sick with bronchitis and asthma, as well as arthritis and rheumatism. Such patients benefit solarium, and the Dead Sea are many public and private sun decks. Relax in this area and sports teams after a difficult season.

Netanya. This young resort is not by chance called Israeli Riviera. The mild subtropical climate, many kilometers of velvet sand beaches, excellent hotels, standing at the Mediterranean coast, a family cozy town center with restaurants and cafes on the street, shops and boutiques, souvenir shops and flowers, next - a picturesque market, where the abundance and variety of inexpensive fruits . Holiday-makers invited to music festivals and concerts under the open sky in the new amphitheater at sea, festivals, folk dance, exhibitions of paintings and flowers, and museums. Marine sports. Tennis. Golf. Car rental (up to Tel Aviv is only 30 km.). In the hotels excellent service, comfort, and on the television program demonstrates Russia's ORT, RTR and NTV were. Netanya if specially designed for families with children, but she and the best base location for tourists making trips throughout Israel. The resort season lasts from early spring until late autumn, but Netanya attracts tourists all year round.

Tiberias. Small ancient city, known since biblical times, Tiberias is conveniently situated on the shores of Lake Kinneret (Sea of Galilee), among the picturesque mountains, hills and valleys of Galilee. The mild climate, fertile nature, hot springs, modern first class hotel turned the city into a popular holiday resort and a major medical center. Here is successfully carried out treatment of vascular, rheumatic and posttraumatic disorders. Tourists and pilgrims in particular are attracted to the proximity of Tiberias to Nazareth where the Annunciation has happened to other sacred place where a messianic ministry of Jesus: Capernaum, Rate, Caen, Tabgha, where Jesus performed his miracles (walking on water, turning water into wine, multiplying loaves and fishes ...). Nearby on the bank of the Jordan is and place of baptism of Christ. In Tiberias, and in neighboring towns many interesting monuments, reminiscent of the times of ancient Israel, ancient Rome, crusades, here are the famous temples, churches and synagogues.


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