Israel Traditional cuisine

Israel So long as Israel is at the crossroads of ancient trade routes and is a melting pot for immigrants from around the world, the local cuisine is rich and varied. It affects the abundance of various restaurants: Chinese, Russian, French, Indian, Moroccan ...

It is impossible not to try national dishes - falafel in pita bread or "St. Peter's fish.

Ritual Jewish law forbids the eating of foods from pork or shellfish. In addition, dairy and meat dishes should be prepared and submitted separately. Food products, which are prepared in the light of these circumstances is called kosher.
Kosher meat is observed in most hotels, restaurants and supermarkets, but in many parts of the country also serve non-kosher restaurants and shops.

Meorav ierushalmi
Jerusalem offers a wide choice of dishes of national cuisine of different countries. The native Israeli's cooking in my own way is assigned to the adjective "Jerusalem". First of all, this "meorav ierushalmi" (Jerusalem roast). It consists of at least four different types of chicken: breast, navel, heart and liver, served on a plate or in pita bread (cut the corn cakes). All this is abundantly seasoned with onion and proprietary additives, which are in every place - his own. Jerusalem is hot you can taste, and elsewhere in Israel and in Jewish restaurants around the world, but really it is prepared only in a few local restaurants of the capital, in particular, the Mahaneh Yehuda and its surroundings.

It should be noted that most restaurants in the western part of Jerusalem, including the hotel, adhere to the rules of kosher food: some of them are closed from noon on Friday until Saturday evening. Nevertheless, the city has dozens of restaurants, working on Fridays and Saturdays.


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