Israel Traditions

Israel Holidays and Days: religious holidays, Saturday - closed on Friday - a shortened workday. Holidays in 2001: 09.03 (Purim), Pesah - Heb. Easter (7/15.04), Yom Ha'atzmaut - Independence Day (26.04), Shavuot (28.05), Rosh Hashanah - Heb. New Year (18/19.09), Yom Kippur - Day of Atonement (27.09), Sukkot (2/9.10), Hanukkah (10/17.12).

National characteristics: Saturday - day of rest. It begins Friday at sundown and ends on the day after sunset. Just come all national holidays. On Saturdays and holidays, all transport (except taxi) stops its work.

The situation in Israel and the Palestinian territories remains fragile and in many regions, even dangerous. In particular, avoid visits to the West Bank and Gaza Strip, as these regions represent the greatest danger. Areas of Nablus, Zhenya and Gaza Strip should be considered prohibited for visits, except perhaps a short day excursion in the daytime.

The threat of bombings, suicide and retaliatory attacks by the Palestinians, is controlled by Israeli military forces (IDF), but the situation in Israel still not reliable and predictable. Travel to the above regions are not encouraged and each konretny visit should be discussed with the Israeli Consulate.

Upon entering the large shopping center or other places where people can ask you to open the bag, which may seem awkward. Only verifies the existence of suspicious objects. At the airport, before departure, the control is very strict, but amiable. We recommend you take this as a concern for your safety.


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