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Israel To travel to Israel for 90 days c purpose of tourism, visiting relatives, transit, short-term business trips, non-profit-making in the country, citizens of Russia visa is not required.

To enter should submit the following documents:

- Passport, the validity of not less than six months at the time of entry;
- Tickets (electronic tickets, book tickets) with a fixed date of departure;
- Health insurance for services abroad for the duration of the trip;
- Confirmation of hotel reservation (original, fax or print from the Internet) or a voucher travel companies (if the purpose of travel - tourism);
- To visit the Israeli relatives, friends or organizations - the invitation (original, fax or print the letter, sent by e-mail).
- A letter from a medical institution (if the purpose of the trip - treatment);
- Documents confirming the solvency (bank statements, cash, traveler's checks).

The visa fee is not charged.

Traveling with children
For children traveling accompanied by a parent, you want a notarized power of attorney from the remaining parent, certified by the Apostille, photocopy the first page of passport and original birth certificates. If the child leaves accompanied by a third party, require authorization from both parents, certified by the Apostille, photocopy the first page of the passport of parents, as well as an original birth certificate of the child.

Crossing the border
When crossing the border should be borne in mind that Israel is in a very difficult relationship with a number of states. The fact of the presence in the passport of the tourist visas to Syria, Lebanon, Iran, Libya and some other will lead to an overemphasis on the part of Israel's secret service on arrival in the country. After the abolition of visas to Israel increased dramatically prolonged detention of tourists at the entrance of the Israel because of the stamps and visas to Arab countries in their passports. In practice, it is about the incompetence of individual guards, not knowing Arabic, not being able to understand the visas of the Arab countries, and suspect that the print Moroccan Marrakech airport, it's the Iranian press. And, accordingly, the questions on the topic of what the tourist was engaged in Iran, where he was, of course, had never been.

Sometimes such delays are short, and tourists pass as soon as the senior officer decides. But there are situations where a tourist can spend on the border an hour or more, waiting for some kind of "verification". Often a test means detention without consideration of the causes and sitting in that room or other without the right to contact the consulate of Russia.

To avoid these troubles, it makes sense to visit Israel to replace the passport, if there is a mark of the Arab countries.

In addition, Israeli authorities have now abolished the practice of stamping vezdnyh stamps on a separate sheet of paper, which greatly complicate the onward journey to the Middle East, which does not admit to the stamps and visas in Israel. Solution to this problem is only one - to plan the route in such a way that would visit Syria and Lebanon before they arrived in Israel. Unlike the Arab states, Israel admits tourists with seals of Arab States. In this case, still be prepared for questioning by Israeli police for the purposes of visiting Arab countries.

Getting into the territory of the Palestinian Authority is only possible through Israel. Border crossings with Jordan, over Jordan, and CPR Rafah in the Gaza Strip, as well as on the border with Egypt is controlled by the Israeli army, which means that entering the territory autonomy under Israeli foreign passport and visa.


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