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Italy Italy, part of the number of the Group of Seven, today is one of the most economically developed countries of the world, providing a model of the European level of culture and economy. Excellent climate and nature, and the weather in Italy, magnificent historical sites and monuments, the development of resort infrastructure, highest level of service and maintenance - all this attracts on vacation in Italy, tourists from all over the world.

Italy is located in the south of Europe in the central part of the Mediterranean. In the north of Italy is bordered by Switzerland and Austria in the east - with Slovenia, north-west - with France and washed by four seas - the Adriatic to the east, the south - the Ionian to the west - the Tyrrhenian and Ligurian. Italy belong to the islands - Sicily, Sardinia, Elba and several smaller islands. The country stretches from north to south for more than 1100 km and consists of 23% of the valley (river and coastal), 35% - from the mountains (the Alps and Apennines) and by 42% - from the hills of varying heights. Capital - Rome.

On the territory of the peninsula are also two independent States: the Vatican and San Marino.


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