Description Formia, Italy

Formia, Italy Form - is a beautiful Italian town, referring to the "Coast Odyssey. Formia is famous due to the fact that here was situated country residence of King of Naples and this is where the tomb of the famous orator Tsetserona. Activities Form will give you the opportunity to experience the true atmosphere of this Italian city.

Formia is located 3 km south of Gaeta.

Form are to "Coast Odyssey. Largest cities in this region: Sabaudia, San Felice Circeo, Terracina, Sperlonga, Gaeta and Formia. Coast Odyssey - Ulysses Riviera di (Lazio region) - to be known even in antiquity.

But first of all Coast Odyssey - is almost a hundred kilometers of sandy beaches, clear sea and wonderful landscapes. Here, the highest number of sunny days a year the entire coast of the Tyrrhenian Sea. Located near Rome, Naples, Pompeii, and the island of Capri and Ischia make it attractive to an elite audience.

Forms is in a beautiful bay, protected by mountains which protect it from cold winds. It is the softness of the climate, the beauty and diversity of scenery attract tourists from many countries.

Above the town stands the Monument of Christ the Savior, set at an altitude of 1252 meters above sea level.

Form - is an old town, carefully keeping the evidence of its fascinating history: the medieval quarter of Castellon, the ancient towers of St. Erasmus and hourly, quarter sailors Maul with a huge medieval tower, the residence of the King of Naples, Ferdinand II.

There is a small port, where ferries depart every morning to the nearby islands. All of the coast only in the form (right in the city) and Terracina (extra urban) have railway stations, where within half an hour you can get, for example, in Rome.


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