Description Lake Garda, Italy

Lake Garda - the largest lake in Italy. This is a unique natural reserve, striking for its beauty and brightness of colors. Along the lake is a cozy alpine village and small resort towns. Rising against the backdrop of alpine scenery the Rocky Mountains combined here with sandy beaches and olive groves that give the landscape a Mediterranean flavor.

Lake Garda is located 30 km from Verona. The nearest international airport - the airport of Venice. The length of the lake - 52 km and maximum width is 17 km. The lake is located in the picturesque three provinces: Lombardy, Veneto and Trentino.

This picturesque place in Europe and the largest entertainment center. On the shores of the lake preserved buildings from the time of Roman settlements, medieval castles, majestic palaces, baroque churches and monasteries.

North Italy, Lake Garda with its cozy resort villages - this is one of those parts of the country, whose reflection we still find in the works of Dickens, Wilde, Kafka. And if no explicit reference to the lake, then at least the spirit of these places to reproduce them in their memoirs, letters and works of art.

Clean mountain air and crystal water, warm but not hot weather in summer makes the resort Garda especially attractive for summer holiday. Small towns, scattered along the shores as if not touched by time. Some of them can see castles 12-13 century.

In addition, Lake Garda, as well as many other shore provide excellent opportunities for water sports: surfing, water skiing, sailing. And even if you never do not engage in this, a water park "Gardaland" surely will bring you to such an active rest.


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