Sights Liguria, Italy

Liguria - is primarily a rich tourist region, which was chosen in XIX century Russian aristocrats, revolutionaries, politicians, writers. The rich and famous Italians in the summer move to live in Rapallo, Portofino, San Remo, to rest in 5-star hotels or on their own villas.

Ligurian Riviera conventionally divided into two parts: the western - Riviera di Ponente and the east - Riviera di Levante.

Liguria different exuberant, even tropical vegetation: slender palm trees on the embankments, many beautiful shrubs and flowers. They are everywhere. No wonder this area in Italy called the Riviera di Fiori - Flower Riviera.

Riviera di Ponente - a continuation of the French Riviera, and, perhaps, the most famous of the resorts are Alassio and San Remo. This is a prestigious place of rest, which is already in the XIX century the European aristocracy gathered, including Russian. Feature of the resort of Alassio: No free municipal beaches without sunbeds and umbrellas, all coast is divided between private pay beach hotel. One of the most democratic of resorts is Diano Marina: 2-4 * hotels, beach service (the use of sunbeds and umbrellas is included in the cost of living, which is very economical). Beaches in all resorts Riviera de Ponente except Arenzano (pebble) and Bordighera (pebble) - yellow sand.

C tolitsu Liguria - Genoa, often poetically compared to the interior of the ancient theater: stalls - picturesque port, which surround the lodge - the palaces, and from nearby hills city blocks down the amphitheater directly to the bay.

Unique atmosphere of Genoa, a city with long history, should feel himself: to wander through the narrow medieval streets of the old city of Genoa and the famous cemetery, to see the monument of Christopher Columbus - the most famous Genoese, visit the magnificent marble palaces and cathedrals with paintings by famous artists, sit in the shady gardens admire the panorama of the Mediterranean Sea.

Do not forget about the Aquarium, one of Europe's largest marine zoo: 48 swimming pools and aquariums, 500 species of marine animals and fish. Information for visiting the Aquarium in Barcelona: Aquarium of Genoa less.

In the Ligurian tradition of hospitality are a hundred stories ..

It opened several hundred hotels, so that anyone will find here a refuge for his taste and affluence.

Hotels correspond to western European standards. Prominent, well-known writers and artists, as before, and now elect Liguria vacation spot (and not only the fashionable resorts of San Remo and Portofino).

Genoa City - the capital of Liguria - grew out of the three fishing villages on the shores of the Ligurian Sea. From the observation platform of the city, situated on a hill Castelletto, offering a panoramic view on the Gulf of Genoa and the historic center. The territory of the old seaport, the first mention of which belongs to the XII century., Today turned into a place of rest. The old pirate schooner is adjacent to the Bigot - a symbol of the old port, where a powerful mechanism for raising a panoramic cabin to a height of 50 m. It also built the largest marine aquarium in Europe, where in 61 of the reservoir holds more than 5 000 animals and fish. Near - Museum of Antarctica, a children's playground, shops, movie theater, a platform for commercials, etc. The symbol of the city serves as a lighthouse Lanterna vys6otoy more than a hundred meters. The tower was built in XII century., And in 1534 it was reconstructed. Not far from the old lighthouse there is another tower, but modern construction - an octagonal tower-striped pencil - is "Matitone" - part of the business center of San Benigno.

But do not look at Genoa traces of "Perfume" by Patrick Suskind. It seems there anything about him knows. But the Genoese remember very well about his countryman, the famous explorer, Christopher Columbus. It is a monument and maintained 2-storey house in Columbus Borgo Lanoyoli the gate Porta-soprano. The roof of the house is overgrown with ivy juicy, and the threshold are always fresh flowers. Now a museum. In fairness it should be noted that the fourteen cities in Spain, Italy and Portugal (as well as several other countries) and still challenged the honor of being home to the navigator.

Which cities can boast street elevators, cable cars and apartments, the doors which are not released to the street, and on the roof? Few. Genoa - one of them. The city grew on the hills, connected by staircases, streets (karudzhi), long tunnels. Living in a "vertical city" go to each other's homes on the bridges connecting the roofs of neighboring houses. The historical center is a maze of cobwebs, where without Ariadne's thread or detailed map can be lost. But this is just the whole point: to wander through the narrow streets where the houses are so close that chat with a neighbor in front of you can not leave home, a pleasure. An interesting way of Genoa draw facades. The first floors are tiled and decorated with stucco work, but upon closer examination it appears that this picture! And if the lack of symmetry of the second window, a blank wall can not penetrate, but simply dorisovyvayut window with closed shutters. Many of the palaces - striped, some painted with only up to the second floor, and the last - monotonous. The number of stripes said the welfare of its owner: the more of them so it is richer and more magnificent.

Travel through the castle Tagliolo.
Not far from Genoa, just an hour's drive through the Apennines, in the province of Piedmont is a medieval castle Tagliolo, surrounded by the same old town Tagliolo Monferrato. The castle is still inhabited by representatives of a noble dynasty Marquis Gentile: father, mother and son. They remain on the destructive action of time lock, grow grapes and make great wine.

The history of the castle began in the XI century, when the first stone was laid on the hill Ovada. A long time the castle passed from hand to hand: they owned and dukes of Milan, Genoa and the Republicans, until finally, in 1498 he passed into the possession of the Marquis Pinelli Gentile.

Castle and wine - my passion, "- said the Marquis Oberto Pinelli Gentile. He, his wife Maria Immacolata and their son Luca are very hospitable and friendly. They are invited to stay in their castle, to celebrate a wedding or to arrange a banquet, every Italian. Tourists young Marquis will lock, treat the wine and cakes of yellow peas, and also offer take home an excellent wine! In memory of Italy.

The Cinque Terre - Five Lands Liguria
Five Lands, or the Cinque Terre - a natural reserve protected by UNESCO, where the slopes cultivated vineyards, lemon and olive trees. In the Middle Ages the word Terra (earth) also means "village". In the XII century man-made plantations, the length of drywall more than 7 thousand kilometers, treated the inhabitants of the five picturesque villages: Monterosso, Vernazza, Kornnilya, Manarola and Riomaggiore. Like a swallow's nests, these villages nestled in the crevices of rocks. Travel to each of them can be on boats traveling between settlements, or on foot along mountain trails. The most famous trail that passes over the rocky sea cliff - this is the Via del Amore "(Love Street), connecting Manorolu and Riomaggiore.

Local wines praised by Giovanni Boccaccio, and Pliny the Elder gave them a wonderfully beautiful definition - "Lunar wine. Try and buy wine Cinque Terre can be opened in a small restaurant located on the "Path of Love." Here you will treat typical Ligurian dishes of fish and offer to buy souvenirs and books. Environmental League of Italy (Legambiente) recognized the Cinque Terre the best seaside resort in Italy summer 2000.

Before you all the Cote d'Azur, but only by Italy. From San Remo and Monte Carlo, Nice and Cannes - just a stone's throw.

You will enjoy fascinating hotels Ligurian coast, refined cuisine, soft and warm climate.

Ligurian Riviera is known town of San Remo, Rapallo, Nervi. Its capital - is a rich cultural traditions and historical monuments of the city of Genoa, is also important industrially. The city is gradually increasing at the expense of small resort towns. Because of this, and also because of the high population density has recently been a slight decrease Ligurian Riviera (the most important tourist area, not only Italy but also around the world) of its resort value.

Resort Varazze is famous for its magnificent beaches up to one and a half kilometers, occupying, along with picturesque rocky areas a significant part of the coast. Unique beauty of these shores have long attracted the romantics, artists and poets. Sights of the city are the remains of the ancient city walls, yard sailing ships and the monastery church of St. Ambrosia.

Rapallo - spa town with a rich history. Here tourists will be interested in the ancient cathedrals and churches, the oldest of which St. Gervasio and Protacio - known since the VI century. Furthermore, this place is famous for its azure sea and the clean pebble beaches. Guests will be enchanted by this town by numerous shops, boutiques and restaurants.

At 40 kilometers from Portofino is a picturesque town - Santa Margarita, which is an international recreation center with the most modern luxury hotels. He is considered one of the best resorts in the Riviera di Levante.

City of Alassio is located in the basin of the Ligurian coast harmony, known as the "Bay of the Sun." One of the most important climatic resorts of the Riviera di Ponente coast, operating all year round, where the most delicate on the long sand beach - a special joy to children. City with an ancient history and modern complex of hotel services and excellent embankments, immersed in greenery and flowers. Restaurants, bars, famous shops, boutiques, trendy discos and intense nightlife.

Bordigera - this amazing nature, first-class hotels, and most importantly - exceptionally mild climate in all seasons. It is interesting to visit the old town, stroll along the waterfront, to see the church and central neighborhoods with villas and gardens.

Diano Marina - a very picturesque resort town between Alassio and San Remo, and 50 km from France. In Diano Marina tourists waiting scenic coastline, magnificent sandy beach, many parks with exotic trees and plants.

City Loano situated 65 km from Genoa and San Remo. Interestingly conducted here in cultural events and festivals. The beaches are equipped with comfortable descents to the sea. This resort town will leave no one indifferent, will please both a rich history and the opportunity to visit shops, look at the bars and restaurants.

San Remo - one of the most luxurious resorts in the west coast. An elegant promenade with palm trees and numerous boutiques, elegant parks and gardens with tropical vegetation, luxurious casinos, like the palace and, finally, merry festive atmosphere that prevails throughout the year. In San Remo Italian Song Festival is held and a celebration of flowers, fashion shows, sailing regatta, motor racing and boxing fights, tennis tournaments and competitions in rowing.

In the past, many Russian aristocrats lived in San Remo, and many are associated with the royal house of the Romanovs: the beginning of XX century there was built by the Russian Orthodox Church of Christ the Savior (1913), and the main embankment is named in honor of Russian Empress Maria Alexandrovna, wife of Alexander II. Lively and festive atmosphere prevails in almost all year round. The city never sleeps, the night life boils restaurants, bars, discos and, of course, in the casino!

In the casino of San Remo, a beautiful example of architecture in the style of "art Nuovo, except gaming halls have the theater, where the main activities of the city of San Remo, for example, the famous festival of Italian song.

It is also a seaside resort, appealing to those interested in archeology. Near the city is Villa Ganbour, in the beautiful gardens cultivated by 3000 species of plants. In the inner part of the western Riviera, in the mountains surrounding it, there are caves, for example Grotte di Toirano - one of the largest caves in Italy. In the vicinity Loano, between Savona and the Empire, Grotte di Toirano consists of a group of caves, the longest of which is 1170 meters.


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