Sights Livigno, Italy

Exclusive economic status of the resort became as much in 1600 then economic freebooters reinforced by his decree, Napoleon, while in 1805 the ruler of the Kingdom of Italy. In 1818, the special situation of the region was confirmed by the Austrian-Hungarian Empire, and finally, in 1960, the Council of Europe has also decided not to interrupt the beautiful tradition. Alcoholic beverages and branded perfume is twice as cheaper than in Milan.

The resort has an indoor pool, gymnasium and outdoor tennis courts. Favorite pastime - Sled Dog Race. Do not be bored and in the evening - at your service restaurants, bars and discos. It attracts tourists and duty-free zone trade. Here you can purchase various goods, including ski-gear.

In Livigno two major skiing region, created by nature itself - and Karosello Motolino. They are united by free ski-bass. In Karosello, to a height of 2792 m rising convenient funicular. Thus originated the "red" route with enough interesting relefom, but not particularly complex. Also in the direction of the town Karosello leaves many drag lifts serving the "blue" route. In the direction of another region skating - Motolino - to an altitude of 2349 m raises powerful telekabina.

Experienced skiers will find on the map a few "black" trails, but they are flat. You can ride off-piste, but then you may need to guide, but it is quite expensive.

Suffice interesting "red" route leading from Karosello down to the Federation, they will like the skiers who have some experience. For medium-sized skiers suit almost the whole area of the valley of Livigno, long descent below Mottolino considered the best.

For lovers of riding comfort is a wide choice of slopes. There are some very long descents Passo-d'Era-thiol, Monte della Neve Sponde and Kostachchya - fun and easy route. Descent below the lift vetti in the upper part of the sector Kostachchya - excellent, very long slope for beginners. Along the lower slopes Kostachchi, a wide selection of children's trails. Other slopes around the valley is also very good for beginners, although some of the slopes on the north pretty cool. Many skiers to beginners carving.

Lower slopes Mottolino and Kostachchya equipped with snow cannons.

Ski-pass for 6 days - 97 -148 euro (depending on season), includes the regions of Bormio and Santa Caterina.

Snowboarders: Half-pipe, border park and trail Boarder cross at Mottolino, fan park near vetti. Beginner does not make sense to settle in the San Rocco, as the need to travel by bus. The best way to settle in San Antonio, hence good access to the ski lifts Kostachchya. The resort hotel 4 ****, 53 hotels ***, 34 ** hotel, 9 hotels * and 900 apartments. Simultaneously Livigno can take 4800 guests.

Friendly, but rather monotonous village. Nightlife is not particularly interesting: a little entertainment, the best places are scattered and the overall atmosphere there. Evening to a restaurant, a few popular bars and discos, a cinema.

There is a sports center and tennis courts.

The first skiers came to Livigno in 1964, when the Tunnel Munt La Schera opened here access from the north. Then the resort was only 1 lift. Now this is one of the most interesting areas soft red riding.

Ski schools and kindergartens: 5 schools with 110 instructors. Children's ski school (from 4 years - 6 days, 2 hours (prices on request). Children's ski Garden (3 years). Group lessons for adults: from 73 EUR 6 days, 2 hours. Private Lessons - 28 EUR per 1 hour.

Mountain restaurants. Grill outdoors to the music offers a restaurant Costaccia. Buffets at Mottolino Carosello and offer very reasonable prices.

Town restaurants (over 200!). The cult of the local cuisine can not even dream of exquisite gastronomy. The most suitable choice would be "Pesce d'Oro". "Mario" is known for its high quality cuisine at reasonable money.

Entertainment. It is easy to imagine that happening here, if we recall the local price of alcohol. The most famous places hangouts - "Underground" and "Foxi's Pub".

Easy ride. A lot of the ski paddling pool from the main skiing areas Karosello (2797 m). Attention is drawn to the magnificent descent from the Vetta Blesaccia (2796 m).

Horseback average complexity. At Karosello more gentle hills, wide and comfortable. The most interesting from the opposite side of the descent from Della Neve (2785 m).

Complex skating. Hardly any decent single complex descent - with the Monte Della Neve. Everything Else - couple mogulnyh fields on Karosello.

Celina. Guides will show great routes: Monte Della Neve - Trepalle and Costaccia - Val Federia.


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