Sights Padua, Italy

About St. Anthony of Padua wonderworker knows the whole Catholic world, the pilgrimage to the relics of his passes all year round, after all, and hope to easily recover from serious illnesses dies last.

Cathedral of St. Anthony - a grand, richly decorated in Venetian style building with malachite sarcophagus. Impressive and Tabernacle Cathedral - gold, silver things from the recovered amounts to many hundreds of pilgrims. Near the cathedral in Italy, the first bronze equestrian statue of the soldier of fortune (a hired captain) Gattamelate of Donatello.

In the area of the ruins of the Roman amphitheater is Scrovegni Chapel, painted by Giotto great. Recently, it was restored, and the frescoes, which had about 700 years, began to shine, as written yesterday. Scenes from the Gospels cover the walls and ceiling (the ceiling) Chapel events unfold over time, from the Immaculate Conception to Doomsday, serving its visitors beautiful illustrations of the Scriptures.

Unusually original area of Valle in Padua, where around a canal with four stone bridges are the most famous statues in the past paduantsev.


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