Description San Marino, Italy

San Marino - one of the smallest (less than its only the Vatican and Monaco) and at the same time one of the oldest states in Europe. San Marino is surrounded by territory of Italy. The full official name of the state - Most Serene Republic of San Marino. Home "pearl" of the country - well-preserved medieval and the presence of multiple locks.

San Marino - a state in Southern Europe, located in the northern part of the Apennine peninsula in Italy. The total area of the country - 61 sq km (this is one of the smallest states in Europe). The country lies on the steep mountains. Is dominated by Mount Titano (738 m), on the slopes of which is the capital of the same name - San Marino.

Distance between San Marino and Bologna is 135 km, to Ancona - 130 km. Landlocked not.

Territory of the republic is divided into 9 districts - "locks". Each is governed by a commission headed by its elected from among its members a 2-year captain.

According to tradition, San Marino founded the Dalmatian stonemason Marino, one of the first Christians fleeing persecution from the pagan Roman emperor Diocletian. Marino during his lifetime was canonized. They were joined by other believers, and on Mount Titano came first Christian community.

Tourism is one of the most important sectors of the economy (San Marino is visited annually by more than 2 million tourists), providing up to 60% of GNP. Another important source of income - sale of stamps to foreign collectors. Level of living comparable to the countries of Western Europe.


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