Traditional cuisine San Marino, Italy

On the territory of San Marino dominated Italian cuisine. Most local food has a name of Italian origin. Popular tortelini, pasatelli (broth), tagliatelle, lasagna, ravioli, kanelloni, paste "strozapetti", "kapeletti-in-Brody pipeline and so on.

Also noteworthy roast rabbit with fennel, roasted spiced chicken, roast partridge in different sauces, scallops and veal cutlets, meatballs, bolognese, assorted "mutfuls" of three kinds of meat and Roman scallops. For dessert, order a cake is "San Marino" and "kachyatello" (a dessert of caramel).

Drinks are usually served "Pijade" (bread similar to pita bread), traditional "polenta" and the excellent local cheeses. Another dish that is rarely seen on the table, but that used to be very common - kotish-di-mail con-and-Fagioli, which is a soup of beans with pork skin.

Another traditional dish, which gradually disappears from the local table, it displaces cosmopolitan cuisine, - "minestra del Poveri" (soup of the poor ") or" bobolotti ", which is a soup of beans, bacon and pasta.

In any institution can find a wide selection of imported wines, as well as local nutmeg, Moscato di San Marino ", first-class local wines" Byankale "," Alban "and" Sangiovese "or a strong local drink" Mistra.


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