Traditions San Marino, Italy

Living in San Marino for the most part are of Italian origin, but unlike the "real" Italians slightly less expansive and impulsive. They are very friendly and sociable, the main value for them - the family. But their patriotism and love for the history of their country has become a byword in Europe. This sanmarintsy very considerate, preferring to solve all disputes through talks (often with the help of intermediaries) than open confrontation. And also quite conservative and religiously observe tradition.

Local residents are always ready to assist the tourist in a difficult situation - whether it be finding your way or ignorance of local traditions (such violations are very liberal). But due to the fact that languages other than Italian, is available only in the business and tourist area, it is sometimes difficult to establish contact with local residents.

Even sign language is often inapplicable - as you know, in Italy and, consequently, in San Marino, this system is somewhat different from ours, so we recommend that you use familiar gestures - sometimes it can cause a backlash. But the compliments are somewhat self-evident, but not necessarily in relation to an acquaintance.

At acquaintance on the street or meeting the locals in European shake his hand. No hugs or kisses, as in Italy, they give themselves to people not allow it. And good practice to greet and say goodbye a few times a day, even when confronted in a store or restaurant. At acquaintance, except the name, sanmarintsy commonly referred to as a profession or office, as well as exchanging business cards.

The country is very safe, the crime rate here is among the lowest in Europe. However, neglect reasonable means of personal security is not necessary - on the streets and there are pickpockets, who come here from neighboring Italy, and petty thieves of all stripes.

Large sums of money, jewels and valuable things better not to demonstrate in public places (where they are acceptable only for formal events or evenings). It is better to leave them in the hotel, although many of these safes are paid. For valuable items are not delivered in a safe hotel, hotel management is not responsible.

As in neighboring Italy, everything here is closed for siesta. In the period from 14.00 to 15.30-16.00 closed almost all the shops, most institutions (even the clinics) and offices. Many restaurants and cafes in the morning does not work, opening only after a siesta, but small private establishments often operate from 9.00-10.00 (with a break in the siesta, and about 18.00) till late evening. And in the first half of August, when attacking the hottest days ( "Ferragosto"), many schools operate on a shortened schedule.


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