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Maldives Maldives is widely known for its atolls, resorts, each of which - is its own unique world, surrounded by pristine coral beaches and indescribably blue sea. This is a "place at the end of the world, where there is no city noise and intrusive signs of civilization, where only the exotic nature and the endless expanses of the ocean. Numerous coral reefs and underwater caves stretch across the Maldives archipelago, lush tropical vegetation emphasizes the pristine and unique beauty of the islands, and ancient culture of the local population creates a unique setting for a secluded holiday.

The largest atoll in the northern part of the country - male (Cafu), stretches for 69 km. from north to south and 39 km. - From west to east. On the northern island of the atoll is the capital Male '- the only town and port of the archipelago, as well as one of the smallest capitals in the world (an area of about 1,8 square. Km.) And one of the most densely populated cities on the planet.

Capital is not rich in the sights and if necessary it can be bypassed for an hour and a half, but as an excursion through it should visit the National Museum with a unique exhibition of sculpture from the twelfth century Buddhist temples. Sultans in the Park, a shady park Dzhumuri-Maydan, Muliage Palace (1913), the country's most revered shrine - Medu Ziyarat chapel, the tomb of the country's national hero Mohammad Takurufanu Street Nilafaru-Magu, Singapore Bazaar in the upper part of the street Chandans-Mary, Islamic Center of Grand Friday Mosque (Grand Mosque, and indeed the largest in the country), the old Friday Mosque with its unique minaret and the tombs of national heroes and members of the royal family, as well as 25 beautiful mosques of the capital, of which the most interesting Huskuru Miskiiy (XII-XV cc.) with a minaret (1675) and cemetery sultans, Bandar Bowls, Green Daruma barite Miskiiy (XV century., the oldest in the country), Kalou Western bowls and etc. Every tourist usually encounters and other interesting buildings - the international airport Hulule on the island, which is built literally on the water edge and impresses everyone entering the country. Modern diving club is located near the new port, male, and the beach of the island casting up artificially and is considered one of the cheapest in the country.

Ari stretches for 33 km. from west to east and 96 km. from north to south and east of the male, and consists of the large atoll of Ari and a small Rasdu. The structure of the atoll is about 70 islands, of which only 18 are inhabited, while 26 islands are tourist. This is a relatively new resort area, but the distance from the capital only contributes to the popularity of Ari with tourists.

Alaveli, Machchafushi, Viligilivaru, Ellaidu Batal and considered "islands of divers, because they have a convenient approach to the reefs from the luxury of sandy beaches, and nearby there are several marine reserves (it should be noted that in the atoll Rasdu and northern Ari atoll no strong underwater currents). Angaga earned the title of "island-beach (beach is more than 25% of its territory). Kudafoludu - one of the first island-premier hotels in the country, moreover, takes pride in its local landmark - a huge banyan tree, growing directly on the site. At Kuramata located as much 3 luxury hotel, as well as the archaeological site, on which Thor Heyerdahl conducted his famous excavations. At Nalaguraidu is the biggest and modern hotel in the Maldives (with the largest pool, respectively), there are many sports facilities and even a few roads. On Rangali-Finola - no less than a modern hotel complex chain "Hilton" with ultra-modern school of diving. Small Kudara, Aturuga, Velids, Diddy, Finola, Fesdu, Mayafushi, Mirihi, Vakarufali and Madugali, as well as larger Veligandu, Vilamendu, Tundufushi and Diffushi - just a quiet and luxurious resorts "in Maldivian, with all ensuing consequences.

Fadiffolu Atoll lies 120 km. North Male. Kanuhura is located on the island created by the latest technology and design hotel complex, opened in 2000, surrounded by a tiny team strip magnificent beaches. Near Kureddu are over 40 beautiful dive sites, including the famous passage Kureddu Express east of the island, and he Kureddu has an excellent base for water sports. Triangular Madiriguraidu famous for beautiful landscape with a coconut grove right in the center of the island and gorgeous strip of sand in the north.

Diving - the main attraction of the country after its superb beaches. The peculiarity of the geological structure of the islands and excellent climatic conditions here have formed the conditions for one of the best in Asia dive sites. At any resort experienced instructors will show tourists a breathtaking underwater world of coral reefs and unique underwater fauna of the region. Clash of ocean currents and vertical slopes of reefs in this region leads to the formation of giant clusters of plankton, which comes to eat many marine creatures. And the abundance of shipwrecks can learn and exciting diving to the wrecks. Consequences of global warming impact, and in those heavenly places - dying coral noticeably in many areas, but thanks to the efforts of the Government of the Maldives, this process has been slow and many of the previously damaged reefs are easily regenerated. Off the coast of the outer atolls getting more popular surfing and yachting. Organized even this sea safari from atoll to atoll. Often they are combined with sea fishing and diving under the water, which makes this type of vacation more and more popular - there are few places on Earth where the fishing is equally productive.


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